Tips for Wearing Vests Without Jacket

Are you all right?

Wear full suit (trousers, vest and jacket) on the hottest days can often make you spend a hell of a heat, huh? Yes! So why not invest in the wear of the vest without a jacket for more formal occasions or events? Or else to set up more casual looks, for the day to day, with the famous Social vest, to give a line in the visual, a more formal touch.

The masculine vest can be an excellent ally to have as option in our cabinets, for various occasions, events and I think, although it is a traditional piece, use without jacket can give a more modern touch pro look, after all this blend of tailoring parts in the more casual look Al is well high, can transform a basic production into a more harmonious and versatile.

I separated some basic tips to wear a vest without a jacket, see:

Replacing a jacket also:the Social vest can replace both the jacket, in a more formal look, like a jacket, in a quieter look, excellent option for the hottest days, nocturnal events, etc.;
Slim fit: It’s a great piece to align our silhouette, make it more tidy, more “fit”. It’s cool to be careful with modeling, it needs to be comfortable, can’t pull back, get too tight, but it can’t be wide, with excess tissue remaining, that leaves a sloppy air for the look.
Buttoned and unbuttoned:The basic hint is if the vest is used in a more formal look, with shirt and everything else, it is indicated to use it buttoned, but always with the last button unbuttoned, okay? Not to be uncomfortable when we move our arms or our body.
Optimal length:Caution for the shirt not appearing underneath the vest, between the trousers, all bent in this region, that gives an air of sloppiness too. The ideal is the vest covering the waist of the trousers, all right?
Vest with a necktie:if you are wearing a tie, it will go inside the vest and tie always at the height of the belt, i.e. the pants button more or less.
Belt or suspenders:still in the more formal look, if you feel that the look is heavy, it is worth not wearing a belt if you are wearing a vest. A brace used inside the piece can be a good request too, to hold the trousers, and if you need to remove the vest for some reason, it arises as a surprise part in the visual.
For the day to day:If you are to use in a shirt look, something more for day to day, assemble a very tranquil production and want to include the vest, you can invest in the open, shorter, working as accessory, complement to visual, put creativity to work.
Anyway, are we going to inspire ourselves in the personal photos? I separated several options of tips and looks with vest without jacket.