Tips for Warriors!

Today I will reproduce an interview I gave to the group Pearls of mines to combat breast cancer. As one of the godmothers of this cause, I was very honored to help with my knowledge in fashion women who are experiencing such difficult moments. Check out!

Mine pearls: Is it possible to elevate self-esteem after a mastectomy?

It’s probably an arduous task, but woman is born warrior. The breast is part of our femininity, but also the back, lips, legs and all of our body. I always say we should draw attention to what we love most and disguise what’s bothering us. Every woman ´ is multiple, with rare beauties and we must be aware of it. Think of yourself as a complete being and cherish each corner of your body… It’s worth it!

Mine pearls: What kind of necklines use for those who did this procedure so it doesn’t look too apparent the withdrawal of the breast?

Deep V necklines should not be used for those who want to hide the procedure. Prefer the tallest, like canoes and all the more rents around the neck. Look at these suggestions:

To give a up, elect beautiful necklaces to change the look. They draw attention from the neckline and leave any more feminine look. Look how to use with each neckline type:

Pearls of mines: How woman can produce to minimize the effects of chemotherapy treatment such as hair loss, weight gain, yellowish skin and etc.

Hair loss can be disguised with the use of scarves and turbans that are also fashionable. Weight gain with more classical clothing and structured fabrics. Avoid flashy prints and fluid tissue. Past blouses and dresses help disguise the belly, mango ¾ hide the love handles of the arm and the straight and dark trousers balance the hips.

Pearls of mines: handkerchiefs or turbans have to necessarily be matching with the outfit?

Not necessarily. They should talk to the outfit, have the same style. If the look is more informal, the turban can be cotton and super colored. Already on more exquisite occasions, it may have some shine and must be of noble fabrics, such as silk, for example.



Pearls of mines: What tips can help renew feminine beauty in treating cancer?

With all the changes derived from the illness, each part of the body will ask for differentiated care. The hair will be thinner, the skin dried, self-esteem shaken. Searching the Internet, I found a very cool page that deals with each of these issues, it is worth taking a look: our site.

Mine pearls: Am I bald and what to use?

handkerchiefs, hats, turbans, anything you like and want!

Mine pearls: How to use handkerchiefs?

Handkerchiefs can be tied in various ways, depends on the style of each one. Prefer the lighter fabrics and classical prints for the night and abuse of colors during the day. They should always harmonize with the rest of the look. This link has several cool ideas: our site.

Pearls of mines: can we wear hats anywhere, place, environment? What time should I avoid using them?

Hats should be used preferably by day and in open locations. When you sit at the table, it must be removed as a label rule. The smaller tabs are always more feminine and help to tune the face. Big tabs are also more helpful in daylight, to protect the skin. If the function is purely embellishing, it can be worn at night with some shine, too, at parties. There are cool tips here:

Our site.

Pearls of mines: choosing not to wear scarves and hats, what kind of costume jewellery to wear while bald?

Preferably discreet and smaller earrings. Abuse of bracelets, necklaces and rings to counterbalance with the size of the earrings. And always remember that it is a phase to be overcome. Every day we face challenges to become better people. That’s just one more. And it’s going to pass!

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