Tips for Using Heels

The first few times we walk with shoes heels we may feel insecure and tired quickly. However, learning to use them is a skill that is acquired with some practice and follow some tips as you are going to present vintage pumps.

Start small

If at first you try to walk with very tall and thin heels, you probably get tired fast and want to quit. Start with low and wide heels; gradually sees progress in height until you reach the one you like. Be patient!

Maintain good posture

If you keep your back straight and shoulders relaxed can walk in heels with greater ease and agility; also you will not get tired so fast and will project your whole personality.

Walk straight

Draw an imaginary line on the ground and walk on it, with this get better balance and, therefore, can walk a long time without getting tired.

Lean on your toes

You must imagine that the heel of the shoe does not exist, your weight will have to fall on the instep of your feet. So you never lose your balance, even when the heel is really thin.

Try them well

If you buy a new pair of high heels, you must first try them well in the shoe store. If the height you chose is right for you, you can lift your toes while you use them; if you can not buy them and probably your weight will fall on his knees, and it could hurt deslucirías walking.

Your feet will adapt gradually

If your feet hurt after walking or standing for a while, sit a moment and lift the upper soil. Take your heels only cause more pain because when you do, your feet swell a bit, so to wear them again, they will be tighter.