Tips for Using Destroyed Jeans

From time to time, he comes back with force. You could say that the jeans destroyed never left, definitely. Some tribes have as essential piece, using it all year. However, he’s back, again, to the fashion scene and is a great choice for summer looks, especially the shorts destroyed. Here are some Tips for using destroyed jeans.

Looks With Jeans Destroyed

If you want to use a cool piece, this is a great choice. And, in order to display a larger area with the parts destroyed, a perfect option is the destroyed jeans. The interesting part is that it can be worked in a variety of ways, allowing you to show more pieces destroyed.

You can, for example, bet on pants that have the perfect thighs, however with detonated in lower parts, or vice versa. If any fraying or wear subtle, the piece can make great combinations, with countless others. You don’t have to worry too much about the look or style of the environment in which it will appear. Balance with heels, accessories and stylish sweaters and you’ll be perfect for the ballad.

What’s great in jeans destroyed, is that it can be used both in more serious and stylish productions, as in informal and cool looks, with t-shirts, sneakers, boots, etc.

Pants, skirts, overalls and shorts destroyed can be found in many stores. However, if you have a jeans you ever lost the grace and are close to firing him, how about doing the walk through, yourself? So, you a old clothes reuses, turning it into a fashion piece.

How To Detonate The Jeans

To detonate the jeans at home, it is very easy; However, it takes patience, so that the work be done right. You can do it by cutting the piece and reeling off it, with the help of a needle as well as detonate for wear, using sandpaper.

Choose a piece and decide the place where the work will be done. Let’s assume that it is at the time of the thigh. So, grab the scissors and make two cuts in the fabric, side by side, but with 4 or 5 cm distance. Now, with the needle, begin by cutting and very gently pull the jeans. You’ll see that appear white wires. Just go pulling, one by one, but without cutting them. In this case, the visual is similar to the short, below.

Use a nail file (which can be, since, or anyone else; can be up to a pumice stone). Choose the area to be worn and scrub, with some subtlety, the location. This should be done without violence, so you follow the work progress by checking how is getting the jeans wear.

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