Tips for Spring Clothing

Last week, we gave a little our tip in Sydsvenskan. Even though spring might come as the far right here in Malmö, it might be fun to see what we picked from the shelves. The harvest was done during snow conditions and turbulent all stores had not yet downloaded his vårplagg out of the basement, but this was in any case the result, with our comments.

Model: Sunjatha Conta
Text: Kristin North
Photo: Miriam Preis
Shoes: Acne, 2 200 SEK, Spirit: The works to the costume. It is a classic shoe that is very clean. It’s look great with jeans, it gives weight to the upholstery.
Pants: Whyred, 1 300 kronor, Spirit: “here you have in five years as long as they stick together and if you still want to run with the skinny silhouette.”
Sweater: Kuni, 750 crowns, Tjallamalla: “this outfit is very formal, from shoes to pants, there’s nothing that stands out. This is why I tops. It is a bit special, particularly the collar. The shirt brightens the other clothes. ”
Scarf: Pick, 298 SEK, Tjallamalla: “a scarf pulls your eyes on your face, it becomes a natural setting. The scarf will be even greater in the spring. ”

Jeans: Cheap Monday, 400 dollars, Weekday: “I like it raw, that it is not damaged. I think you should buy unwashed jeans as they get to work in a bit. After two years, it has a sleek, personal wear. ”
Shirt: Ahaus, 1699 dollars, Issue: “this Mao-collar is great in our. Some newspapers provide tips about the cut of the collar of their usual shirts, maybe that is a little drastic. ”
Moccasneaker: Hope for Men, 3 499 dollars, Issue: “it’s a very dressy sneaker. My biggest tip is to invest in shoes, they wear out quickly, and the larger the shoe closet, the fresher, you can keep it. You can keep this kind of shoe is the superb good looks. You may use them at the right times, think about where you’re going. ”
Blazer: Marc Jacobs, 4 299 dollars, Issue: “a really well-sewn, classic black, but with the new mindset that there should only be one button. A little slimmer kind too, it has been a while but remains large. The jacket has a sewn-in silhouette, it is more designed for the user. “