Tips for Preppy Style

Speaking of starting school. Preppystilen lives on. In autumn format slightly rough with more clothing and materials to use. These ten tips for success with style.

Color in the small
It’s very easy to get carried away in different color combinations and somewhat aimlessly trying to pursue the Ralph Laurens bold Dressup sets. The best is often to pursue a sober reason to instead emphasize the individual garment or details.

Sweaters in cotton-cashmere from Original Penguin

Material mix
What autumn often is far more important than the different color combination is the mixture of materials. Nothing is as lovely as a balance between tweed, flannel and manchester. It is easy to preppystilen gets a bit of rather poor cute, something that effectively compensated for by the rough tweed.

Sporty silhouette
We receive many questions from the younger who want to be able to wear a jacket to living without feeling too dressed up. To wear the Blazer is largely a matter of preference, but a silhouette where the jacket rather feels like a jacket than a businesskavaj helps to demystify the feeling to wear a jacket.

Trousers with a high waist and straight cut is preferable to this style, as this gives a slightly more elegant impression. Preferably with a belt that breaks out of the upholstery. Also try the pants with punches, which gives a nice case and especially to coarser material. Even the trouser length is important to reflect on.

Dress neckline
Preppymodet is a far cry from shirts unbuttoned to the navel according to petsinclude. Rather then completely uncommunicative where a scarf, tie or bow tie is almost a must.

For those who do not want to go for a sporty blazer is Duffle is good option.

The shoes
If preppystilen during the summer means white sneakers and deck shoes, autumn is something more svårdefinierbar. A classic derby-or brougemodell, however, is always a safe bet.

Accessories is always important, but for this style is the key. Portfolio, handkerchief, the stockings, belt and glasses are all important elements.

Keep in mind the age
The big advantage of this style is that it is a great way for younger guys to dress up themselves without feeling too stiff. It also means that the preppystilen have a best before date. That 35-year-old, it is often better to grow up and forget the idea of looking like a hobo from Princeton.

Preppystilen is all about attitude. There is always a risk with this style just to see goofy precocious out. A successful preppystil always has two faces, a well-mannered dream husband and that gives priority to party far above the plug.

For inspiration check out Wes Anderson’s classic Rushmore. Top photo from j. Press