Tips For Maintaining Your Leather Jacket

As soon as you wear it, the leather undergoes external aggression in the same way as our skin. Pollution, sweat and dust can alter in irreversible ways your bag or clothing of leather. To do this, it is very important to adopt good maintenance actions to protect him and keep him for years.

Before begin you the care of your leather, make sure to identify the type of leather it is to apply the cleaning product that fits its needs.

Maintain the smooth leather:

What does a leather smooth?

Called leather smooth all skin types (Lamb, sheep, cow, Buffalo or peccary) which the outer part is worked independently the inner part to give a smooth appearance. It can also be underseeded, skated, or even printed. You can recognize because it is covered with a thin layer of finish that makes the leather waterproof and dirt. Overall, apart from the suede look and natural leathers, all others are smooth.

When to maintain my leather smooth?

After the rain:

Must be waterproofed leather annually, and also after each heavy rain so you could not shelter you. This spray waterproofing bomb Cuiropolis 25 cm of distance by brief pressure and without extended spray. This will allow waterproof finishing not degenerate to keep all its properties.

Once a year:

Enjoy the summer to provide care for your leather. Use a clean, dry cloth and gently spread the milk cleanser and nourishing for leather.This will restore flexibility and rekindle its color. Once finished, spray lanolin glossy bomb of Cuiropolis to restore the shine.

Every three years:

It is advisable to take your leather to a specialist for a complete cleaning. Indeed, the leather will store all the pickups materials circulating in the air. Long term, the leather breathe more and its protective varnish will be eroded, causing skin dryness or discoloration of the pigment. The cleaning will restore flexibility, brilliance, and all his qualities of natural to your garment protection. In addition, so you offer him a better longevity.

After a task: in case of a task he must act immediately!

  • Water stains:

Note that water spots tend to disappear completely once the leather has dried. Caution: be sure to dry your garment on a hanger and away from a heat source which would tend to harden and dry out the leather. After such an accident. thinking of waterproofing your leather with bomb proofing Cuiropolis.

  • The tasks of other liquids:

DAB the stain with a cloth dry. Use SOAP to leather of Famaco by rubbing with a damp sponge. Attention: never rub a leather with the grattante of the sponge part. Wait 8 hours before put a brush stroke to pancakes to eliminate the remaining particles. Once dry, réimperméabilisez your leather on the damaged part.

  • The tasks of FAT:

You can opt for the land of Sommières provided that the task to be taken immediately. The land of Sommières is a powder that is deposited on the bold task. Then, she’ll drink to leave intact leather after 4 hours. Use a crepe brush to remove the powder and its residues without rubbing. If you haven’t seen the task on time, you must use the SOAP special leather Famaco. Same technique as for the liquid tasks: clean the area well before applying the product with a clean, dry cloth. Use the soft part of a wet sponge mixed with leather SOAP, then rub it on the part stained without scratching. Wait 8 hours, then move the brush to remove residue.
For more information on the right actions in case of stains, go on Cuiro, the blog of our experts.

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