Tips for Dogs that Are Afraid of Water

  • The your dog doesn’t like to bathe and are too afraid of water? He escapes every time you see a puddle? Check out some tips to relieve the fear!

There are dogs that are afraid of the water and therefore do not like to take a shower, get in a swimming pool and every time I hear the word “water”running away. Some breeds of dogs due to genetics are passionate about by water, such as the labrador and Golden. However, your dog’s too afraid of water? Check out some tips that can help you overcome this fear and who knows, before long, he’d love to get in a pool?

Initially, remember that the fear of “water” will not be overcome overnight. The owner needs to be patient and learn to understand that each dog has the time to overcome your fear. In this way, be patient and loving with your best friend, ok?

Start using little water, i.e. do not use excessive amounts. Water in small quantities the backyard (or area) of your House and play with him. Just throw a little water on the floor. Even though in the first moments he avoid stepping on wet, play with it and let this moment very nice for your friend.

Encourage the dog to approach the water through games and use your creativity.During these times, the dog “by accident” just standing in the water and
This stimulates the contact.

How about a plastic pool? Fill it a bit – so that the dog be covered only to the feet-and play pool. So, every time you are having fun in the pool-give him a reward to keep him happy: a new pet toy, a treat, a snack, anyway, something that he loves. In this way, he’d be in the paddling pool.

Wet parts of the body of the dog when he’s in the water, so, go playing bit by bit and massaging, to make him feel comfortable and comfortable. Don’t forget to give him some rewards, ok?

Over time, the owners can go adding other items to help the dog overcome his fear of the water like a hose, for example. However, steps and increase gradually, always respecting the time of your best friend. Stay calm and be very patient.

The response of fear overcoming varies according to each dog, because it will depend on the degree of fear and the ability of the owner to know dealing with the limits of the dog, too. So, if you find it necessary to seek professional help to assist you.