Tips for Dog Who Lives in Apartment

Posted by Dog citizen in 20/Sep/2014-

By Malu Araújo, behavioral consultant and team Dressage Rider Dog citizen.

Today, especially in the big cities, the time is increasingly restricted. People leave home early and come back late, and pets are most of the time with nothing to do. Many end up destroying furniture and making a mess when the owner is not, in the search for an activity. In some cases, on account of this mess, end up getting trapped in a small space, to avoid destruction.

But before you think your pet is a troublemaker who won’t learn anything, or that he does this mess as a protest by you left, put yourself in his shoes for a while: it’s like leaving our lives with little social contact, no internet, phone, TV, books, without our work and anything that distracts. Boring, isn’t it? So, that’s how many animals feel, and because of this, create their own games, which may end in the destruction of a sofa, shred magazines, stealing clothes from a basket, among other romps.

The dog that lives in apartment must have a routine of activities. Walking is a great way to start the day, since walking is a very comprehensive exercise, not only for waste energy, but also by contact with other people and animals, smells, sounds from the environment. Anyway, it’s a physical and mental activity that expends the energy of the animal.

For owners who do not have much time for this hike, there are many professional walkers. Chat with friends and play an indication. Surely, you’ll find some reliable professional.

Indoors, the environmental enrichment is the most appropriate way to provide activity for the pets. There are many options of interactive toys at, and some can be done at home, with recycled material. These toys dispense and snacks, and the animal moves around more and therefore take longer to finish the meal, spending more energy and mental stimulus.

A very cool toy, which can be prepared at home, uses pet bottle with no label. Choose an appropriate size for the dog, make a few holes in the bottle and put the feed in. The hole should be slightly larger than the ration grain, but not too big for fall all at once. The animals must roll the bottle and withdraw gradually.

Another joke is very easy to prepare the “treasure hunt”, which is nothing more than, rather than put the feed in the pot, spread it around the House, in places where the animal can attend, and let him look. In this way, he will have activity while nobody’s home.

Teach commands also is a way to make the pets more enrichment and mental stimulus, besides helping in obedience.

Source: PetShop Magazine.