Tips For Choosing Bikini

Sunny days are approaching and the time comes to choose a bikini to show off this summer. But, If we want that bikini last us more than one season, it won’t be as simple as going to the store and choose . From Lovestore, we want to offer a few tips to get the perfect bikini.

The first thing to keep in mind, though it seems a no-brainer, is to be able to choose the size that we need. As we know, bikinis as described in swimwear selection are made up of two parts: bra and panties, and it is very important that we can choose the sizes of these parts separately. Every woman is unique and special, and most of the times does not have the same size in the part of above, that in the bottom . For this reason we are interested in which above all can buy different sizes of each of the pieces.

  • To choose the size of BRA bikini: to look better, be comfortable and have the peace of mind that, although we are running behind the small chest will stay in place; it is necessary that contour fits the most, the drink contains all the chest inside and the pattern is suitable for our type of chest.
  • To choose the size of the bikini panties : even if we want to avoid that of bikini panties go us tight and make us a little mark on the sides, must take into account that this piece will give up soon. That doesn’t mean that the tissue is poor (which also have them) if not that bikinis are

parts that are dried put often (several times a day even), and that makes gums to lost the initial tension quickly.

This is why, If we want to avoid the effect bag in the back, no sin of choosing a size too big so that we do not mark , because in a few days, choosing the correct size, will have it accommodated to our body.

Once we have bikini ideal, how we can make the maximum duration of us? The best thing we can do is: a good washing and drying of clothes. This consists of:

  • When we arrived from the beach or the pool, rinse in cold water bikini . In this way we remove possible traces of salt or sand; or chemicals if we have been in a swimming pool.
  • If we can, wash it by hand with delicate SOAP and cold water. If you use washing machine, do so with water cold, without fabric softener and a very soft spin.
  • For drying should keep in mind that are not in tension and not them Sun directly , as they could lose vividness of colors.

If you still have doubts about the bikinis at stores Lovestore (even online) we can advise you and to help you find your ideal bikini . And if you want, you can browse through our selection of bikinis, clicking here.