Tips for Buying Jewelry

For a woman to optimize her appearance, she can choose accessories that better suit her style and morphology. When talking about jewelry, it is a fact fully observed, since these accessories are able to offer a woman more shine, and that for any occasion.However, so that they can play entirely in your favor, you will have to know how to control your choice. The choice of a jewel is based on several important criteria, so that one can find the jewel that best fits with oneself. So, it is necessary to spend a little of his time for this study, if one wants to acquire jewelry that meet its true value.

Contrast shapes

The first criterion of choice to be taken into account will be the shape of the jewel. The shapes can vary depending on the type and style of jewelry. A classic jewel will never have the same shapes as those of costume jewelry defined by 3rjewelry. On this point, just follow the logic, it is not necessary to choose jewelry of the same shape, because this duplication will only accentuate the whole. Moreover, if the shapes of the jewelry are the same as those of your face, the result will not be too satisfactory.

So learn to put more contrast on shapes, and know how to play them. A necklace for example will have to emphasize your neck, and associates very well with a décolleté.

The earrings should be able to conceal the small faults of the face, and also to contrast the shapes of your face.

Manage the size of the jewelry according to its physique

The size of the jewel also plays an important role with regard to your choice. You have to choose the right size for the jewel to accept you and vice versa. In this step, it will also follow the logic. Know that ring small risk of going completely unnoticed, while aring too large may harm your body . So, you should learn to visually manage your template depending on the volume of jewelry you are going to wear, if they are proportional to your silhouette.