Tips for Buying Educational Toys


The game helps children to express themselves. It increases their manual skills and also develops their memory. So, the game is not only fun but also learning. However, in choosing educational toys, you’ll have to consider the age and the inclination of the child. Let’s find out how to choose educational toys!

Before choosing educational toys, consider the degree of cognitive development and psychomotor of the child. Know that in the first 3 years of life, the brain of a child learns at incredible speed. The game can be a great stimulus. So, already in its first weeks of life from cradle give him toys. Choose them possibly of bright colors, they have the delicate sounds and maybe even with movement. The movement will attract his attention and also exert his eye.

As the months pass, stimulated the movement. The child will, in fact, move freely and safely. She will also experience the first falls. So in choosing educational toys, opt for carpets toy. Maybe fornitevi of those with built-in sounds. When choosing educational toys, do not forget the auditory learning. Music and fairy tales aloud, develop memory and attention. Know, too, that during the first three years, the children are having fun in placing objects on top of each other and one inside the other. So fornitevi cubes stacked. Try to also teach you to distinguish colors and shapes. Then Fornitevi games in which the child will associate with each other. Perhaps by inserting colored shapes (squares or stars) in the spaces provided.

From 2 years to approach the child to letters and numbers. Therefore, in choosing educational toys, opt for magnetic boards with numbers and alphabet. As the child grows place it in front of blackboards to write on with markers. When choosing educational toys also purchased books of fairy tales with great illustrations and simple captions. The child, as well, will begin to associate words with pictures.

When choosing educational toys, you might as well give him the simple exercise large squares. Of these, he can engage in his first drawings. Do not forget language learning. In the market you will find many interactive games that will stimulate this aspect. Also choose those games that respond to the question “how?”. Therefore, space games of dexterity and manipulation. These will have to be made of wood and without excessively small pieces.

During the period of asylum plasticine equip. With such material he will realize his first works of art. In choosing educational games, opt for tablets of wood to be painted with tempera. I recommend the use of modeling clay and tempera, it requires the presence of an adult.

Ages 6 and up, in choosing educational toys, opt for the purchase of RPGs. Moreover, Give them more challenging puzzles or even remote control toys at, intelligence games but also for recreation. When choosing educational toys, give them a new bicycle. Maybe replace the smaller and without wheels. Or opt for footballs or kitchens to measure children. Choose short games that strengthen autonomy and self-confidence.