Tips for Baby Belly Photography

Nine months of pregnancy are a real experience. Particularly exciting is the ever-growing baby belly. Remember never to make beautiful baby belly photos for eternity!

A baby belly is incredibly fascinating. Some are others are quite small, a large ball. In some women, he sits very deeply with others more fully on the hip. But no matter how your belly, you should give up’s don’t miss to hold him with baby belly photos or a plaster cast for eternity. So you really great images, you will find five valuable tips:

Tip 1: the right time

There’s not a timing for baby belly photos. You can hold each week of pregnancy on an image and make a collage from it afterwards. You plan a big photo shoot, the last quarter is the best time. In the eighth and ninth months of the belly is really nice big and you can use it in the scene great.

Very important: Think about, whether only the expectant Mama on the image should or the Papa also plays a role.

Tip 2: DIY or photographer

Many photographers offer professional shoots for baby belly photos. The advantage: You have the guarantee that these images look great. Let the best advise you and speak out in advance with the photographer, how you imagine the pictures. He can show you pictures of other shootings so that you can get some inspiration.

You can make your baby belly photos but also themselves. You need only a good camera and someone with a good eye. All you then need is a little patience in the posturing.

Tip the right outfit 3:

Classic baby belly photos have the focus clearly on the baby bump – usually on the naked belly. The expectant MOM covered her breasts either with hands or crossed his arms about. Also wide blouses that opened under the breast , so that the stomach is perfectly are beautiful.

That’s you too much bare skin, you can choose also for baby belly photos with clothes on the Andyeducation. Then choose an outfit, that you enjoy and in which you feel you. But notice that the belly is good. So the outfit should be close fitting.

If you like, can take baby shoes on the image, babies first Teddy or the name in wooden letters lie on your stomach. It presents the bare belly, your a smiley can draw or write a message.

Looking for ideas?

Tip the right location 4:

Outdoors, in the living room or bedroom: when choosing the location you can choose the place you, which fits best to you, if you shoot the picture itself. Look for good lighting conditions. In the morning and in the late afternoon light is at its most beautiful. The midday sun, however, is not flattering for images. Unless you want to make a shadow picture of your baby belly.

You makes your baby belly photos in the apartment, you should take during the day the pictures, if it is as bright. Find a place that suits you. The images should look natural and not total. With a cup of tea on the sofa for example, if you prefer spend so your afternoons. The bed is also a great place for baby belly photos.

Tip 5: Poznań

That also applies to the location applies to specific poses: remains of course. Not smiling you nice, changed. Who may not look directly into the camera, can be mapped in the profile itself. And: you can photograph only the baby bump.

It’s especially great by the way, if you reviewed the shooting after the birth and recreates the pose: only now with the baby in her arms instead of baby belly. Or you shoot you with belly before a mirror and mounted the image via Photoshop with baby in her arms into the mirror image.