Tips and Tricks for Running

When spring comes, many people take to start running. At the beginning of the new year is usually a time when you suddenly see many runners. For many people, “All beginning is difficult.”The good news is that there are many tips and tricks to start running to be a success. A good outfit, a good diet and a realistic training are key factors to get pleasure / keep running and keeping in shape. Running is known as a heavy burden on the tendons, muscles and joints. But with proper precautions to reduce these problems often good. Also supplies run before sharing health.

High Risk of Injury?

Many people think that running directly to the high stature. To what extent is this true? There are two types of damage, namely: acute injuries and repetitive strain injuries. Acute injuries come running is not very common. By far the largest part of the damage caused by overload. This type of damage is gradual, they creep slowly.
The competition has a sliding phase, the carpet equally with both feet off the ground and then lands again. On landing gain muscles, joints and tendons to make an impact load that is your own body weight three to four times.The current movement is repeated over and over again, allowing the body to repeatedly absorb shock.

Health Benefits

Although running is a big strain on your muscles, joints and tendons, has also run positive effects on mental and physical health:

  • Endorphin: this reduces feelings of stress.
  • Prevention of mental disorders: People who have a lower risk for depression and anxiety.
  • Better mood: After running often feel happier.
  • A better mind: running and sports in general, stimulates the production of new brain cells.

Not for nothing drives are used as mental therapy, this is called going therapy.
In addition to the aforementioned mental effects, has also run beneficial effects on physical health:

  • Normal bone density: greater bone density means that the bones are less fragile / brittle
  • Healthier heart and circulatory system: it depends partly on running lowers blood pressure.
  • Fat Loss: long periods at a leisurely pace difficulty walking, you can burn fat.
  • Especially for women: a smoother pregnancy and childbirth


How do you build it runs, depends on your basic fitness. Someone who has never previously playing sports, going to build a different way than someone who has already built up a good base condition of other sports.
Building without basic fitness
If you have never seen the whole exercise, or if it’s a long time ago, to build training as very quiet. You can join a start-to-run clinic or follow a schedule for beginning runners. Start with the easiest schedule, with a few minutes of running alternated with walking.
Build with basic fitness
A common “mistake” of people who already have a pretty good basic condition is quickly building and running.Conditions they can maintain a good racing but the muscles and joints are not yet accustomed to this new form of taxation. Chances are that injuries occur. On the internet you can find schedules for runners who have a basic prerequisite. By following this system you avoid building up too fast. The schedule is subject only appear / be, but give your body time to get used to the load of operation.
Heating and cooling
A good warm-up takes about 20 minutes. It gives your body temperature up and your muscles are prepared for the effort. Be sure to warm up the relatively light touch. It is not the intention that you tired of your mockery begins.Determine the warming does not just focus on your legs and feet, if you are a runner makes your whole body with it. So do your neck, shoulders, arms, elbows, knees and hips good release.
There are two types of warm-up exercises, namely: static and dynamic.

  • Static exercises: these are stretching exercises. Usability opinions are divided. In general, preference is given to a warming that contain both static and dynamic exercises.
  • Dynamic exercises: slow pace, jumping on your website, turning radius with your knees, hips gyrate, etc. are examples of dynamic exercises. Always work from top to bottom. Start by loosening the head / neck and finish with your toes.

How do you warm up looks exactly depends on the circumstances. For example, you will walk on uneven ground, it is wise to the ankles to give some extra attention to heating to reduce the risk of spraining much as possible. In cold weather, you need to free up more time for heating.
A cool-down can consist of quiet walk / jogging and stretching exercises. Running the effect of your muscles become shorter. To compensate for this effect, you can get some muscles to stretch through the stretching exercises.
Wait about half an hour after exercise until you take a shower. That is, the time the body has approximately necessary to cool down to normal body temperature. You go shower quickly, so you sweat after showering even longer and you will not feel fresher. You can take a hot shower, but you can also choose to change your shower with hot and cold water alternately with each other. This can prevent or reduce muscle soreness.
Whether you are an absolute beginner or a more experienced runners, it is wise for each runner to alternate hard running sessions with other sports. This may include swimming, cycling, fitness, inline skating, trampoline or rowing. This switching body is taxed less one-sided, while you improve your fitness and muscle strength.

Clothes And Shoes

Although there are all kinds of fashionable outfits and running shoes for sale, should your outfit primarily be functional and the same goes for your shoes.
Upholstery in cold weather
In cold weather, you can wear a thermal shirt. Reported in that two thin layers, this effect more than for example a sweatshirt. The air between the layers acts as insulation. Would you wear gloves, you can select special sports gloves. While you lose a lot of heat through your head, to avoid this, you can wear a hat.
Dress in warm weather,there are T-shirts that will keep you cool, because it was counterparts thermal shirts. Carry more white clothes, preferably cotton. You can also wear a sports sunglasses and a hat. And remember that you do not need a moisturizer with sunscreen!
So many people, so many feet. For everyone’s another shoe fit. This is because the placement of the foot and the foot wound. So there is no such thing as the best running shoes. The shoes you wear, is an important step to prevent pain. Always let the good advice before buying a running shoe. In some shops that run a movie made by your driving patterns and personal advice given on this basis.
You may want to consider buying two pairs of running shoes, because it is economically feasible. Because not only do you have to recover from athletic endeavors, your shoes should be, too! You can buy two identical shoes, but also to be something other shoe can be beneficial to your body becomes less one-sided.
Injuries prevented by your running clothes
Your running gear can reduce the risk of injury. And some examples of these:

  • Compression stockings and pipes: There are different types of compression stockings and tubes available. These socks and pipes are very narrow and thus optimize the removal of waste. You recover faster from exertion and less risk of muscle cramps. The socks / pipes also reduces, by providing compression, shock loads. This reduces pain, for example, the heel and the tibia. Pipes can also be worn around the thigh
  • Recovery clothes: there are pants, shirts and socks that are specially designed to facilitate recovery after the race.

Alone or With A Group?

Some people find it hard to motivate yourself to run. Especially after a long school day or the bank can be very seductive. But only sometimes run advantage. The nice thing about walking is that you just go at your own pace, which means less risk to yourself figuratively run over. Especially for people who have inserted competitive, “itself over run” a real danger when they go along with the others.
Do you go with others then you can loop mates’ Internet searches or connecting a walking club. When a running club due attention also devoted to running technique. Because want to run efficiently, then there is technology involved. it is not a matter of simply putting one foot in front of the other foot.

Food And Drinks

An important part of the operation’s food and drink. This question is so much to write, that there may be an entire article devoted to it. Listed below are some key points:

  • Eat the last big meal within two hours in advance
  • Drink enough before you go running, prevents muscle cramps
  • In hot weather or when to go for more than an hour, it is important to take drink. There are belts for sale where you can take water bottles
  • Always eat after a run, your appetite is reduced with effort but your body needs food!
  • Drinking after a walk. Do you get a headache if you are sick, it is often the first signs of dehydration. A directive could be: weigh yourself before your run and when you will return. Probably you lost some weight due to loss of moisture. Each kilogram easier, as liters. So you have been half a kilo lighter, you need to drink half a liter.

Running on The Treadmill Or Outdoors?

Both the treadmill if the outside air has advantages and disadvantages. When you walk on a treadmill, you can learn to walk on a steady pace without decay. In addition, you do not suffer from weather factors such as cold, heat or wind. The disadvantage of treadmills is that you can not take effect to take fresh air. And on the treadmill you should use a different running technique, because you have less room to perform the time the motion. If you wen therefore less prone to running technique required outside.
You walk outside you exercise can disrupt traffic, dogs etc. And you can have it back in charge. The advantage of running out is that you can vary the surface. A dirt road, grass, dirt tracks and tarmac. It is good for your muscles and joints to not have to go on the same land. And another tip to avoid pain is, if it is safe, alternating left and right of way to go. Often the road wanders away, so you will overwhelm the left or right.

How High You Set The Bar?

It can be tempting to want to go every workout faster and / or more. But of course this involves a risk that you become overtrained. Overtraining get over is not just elite athletes, even among amateurs, this phenomenon. The bottom line is that you have given your body a lot of incentives education and sufficient opportunities to recover it.Rather better to go, you will condition visible. Visit technology-wiki for a running water bottle.
You are not able each time equal performance. Therefore, much depends on external factors. Think about the weather or the condition of your body. For example, you have a cold? Have you had a lot of stress day etc. All these factors affect the final result.
Be short, do not be disappointed if walking is sometimes what is less. You in any case been healthy busy!
Lots of fun walking the desired!!