Tips about Air Conditioning Installation

Pay attention to details! The correct installation of air conditioning makes your phone work better and longer

The installation of air conditioning is an issue as important as the unit of choice. Once decided the model, we need to be aware of some care essential to ensure the functioning correct and avoid future hassles. The complexity of the installation depends on the type of equipment. Whatever the choice, the online shop offers the ideal device for your home with unmissable prices!

The laptop is the simplest and dispenses the hand aid of specialized workers. The window is the most compact because it has the condenser and cooler in one block and its installation is necessary when the wall has an appropriate space for it. In the case of split, you need to check some points before installation of air condition, says Allpubliclibraries.

Care for the installation of air conditioning split

The split is divided into two parts. The evaporator, installed inside the environment, is responsible for sucking the air space, cools it and returns it to the cold place. Since the capacitor leads to the external environment heat sucked through the evaporator and then condenses. Remember that the two parts are connected by wires and tubes and, therefore, the closer they are, the greater the savings on labor and materials.

Do not place the air outlet on electronics because they can be damaged if water comes out of the evaporator. Also avoid placing it in locations exposed to the sun. Remember that, for easy cleaning, filter change and maintenance there must be a space between the equipment and the ceiling.

Determine the unit’s power you will need to cool the environment. It is called the BTU (British Thermal Unit or British Thermal Unit) and will vary according to the room size. It is suitable for the small rooms with low circulation of people and with few electronic devices. Do the calculation to make sure what is the most suitable device to your needs.

Escape problems

Each air conditioning that you are installing must have a specific circuit breaker with exclusive wiring for it. Otherwise, the electrical network may become overloaded and the life of the device may decrease and even put your home at risk. Locations where the air conditioning pipe interferes with electrical and hydraulic installations should be disregarded.

To ensure the smooth operation and durability of your air conditioner, you must perform cleaning periodically, as well as maintenance. The cleaning device hinders proliferation of fungi and bacteria in the environment. The panel should be cleaned with a dry cloth and the filter with a vacuum cleaner. The procedure can be done weekly if too exposed to dust. If not, do it once a month. It is important to call a technician or a specialized company to take care of the maintenance of the inside once a year.

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