Tip Top Underwear

If you have an item that I love recommending to my friends and I had placed here before is the underwear or basic line, Tip Top.
I met when I was looking for PJ to Bruna when she was about 6 months and I buy for the Manu more pieces.

I wanted something for those days, Demi-season where it’s not that cold, but we need to put a sock in the feet and long sleeve for the baby to sleep.
Overalls I had were hot for that mesh and I’m going to tell you the truth, I’m seeing a bit of “goat” jumpsuits full button. Because I’m the one change she almost all the time and there is no patience?

Then I found the underwear line overalls that are perfect for those warm days but cool at night.
Are made of a mesh super thin and open legs only, has no front or back button. So are super comfortable to sleep and make it easier for moms on closing time.
The baby is cute, it looks like he’s wearing a sock!!

Jumpsuits com e in packs of 2 units, one of each color and the price is great, in the range of a few R $35 kit.

In this line also has the bodies underwear and pants that very thin fabric and comfortable, and you can mix colors as you want.
I love it because all items are unisex so you can take advantage of a child to the other.

See the collection at agooddir.com:

I loved these super soft and colors that match each other!

And for those who do not are traveling to mount hope chest, Tip Top is a great tip to buy basic parts like thighs and bodies without spending much and with quality.