Tip from Camp Soap Dish

One of the concerns of those who will make treks or practice outdoor activities that need to stay overnight in camps is to reduce weight and volume in his backpack. Bath utensils may end up in the way that end up being heavy and still at risk of leaking.
So let’s take a hint to you don’t worry, at least with the SOAP. Is a simple and practical solution that avoids you having to take that big that huge SOAP dish SOAP who opens herself and leaks water into the bag! Gives:
1. Buy a jar of Tic TACs and consume the candy.
2. remove the adhesive paper that identifies the jar.Use alcohol or ac etona not to be sticking.
3. remove that top the white part.
4. In this part, white paste with super glue (or other glue like that) part of the CAP, where the candy out.
Can put enough glue, because the idea is that part not open more, even when the finger pressing up. The SOAP dish is this entire white portion.
5. wait for the glue to dry thoroughly, put the White Cap back in place and … Ready your SOAP dish.
Now just keep an eye on with hotel and guesthouses. If you never stay in hotels and lodgings when traveling, always has an aunt who lives out of town and you can get it for you
The vast majority of hosts soaps have a standard size (small) that fits exactly in saboneteirinha!
I already use this SOAP dish for years on my trips and camps. Is super practical! You finish the bath and puts the SOAP really wet and she does not open and no leaks.
This is one of the hot tips FuiAcampar! Cheap, durable, simple to make and very practical!