Tinkering With LED Light: 3 Summer Decorating For Balcony & Garden

Whether to grilling, celebrate or relax-there is scarcely anything more beautiful to end cozy on the terrace as a summer day. As long as the atmosphere is true. And how to make better a cosy atmosphere, with a few stylish lighting elements. Here, we show you three simple ideas, which you have implemented in no time and for that, you need little more than what exists in the budget anyway.

I. Led Garden Lamps From Screw Cap Jars

Sour pickles, jams and co. are eaten, the glasses mostly in the Recyling container land. Alternatively you can conjure up but also super cheap garden lights from it-which is ideally suited as a path or patio lighting. In addition to the desired amount of empty jars with screw cap (which have of course washed out you and away from them, the label) you will need as many 10 mm LED as described in decorative illumination and button cell (CR 2032) plus tape.

How To BB´S

1 attach 1 button cell taped per 1 LED, this watch that the cathode touches not the positive pole of the battery (this is visible on the larger surface)
2. then carefully to 90 degrees upwards bend which LED to high point l shaped, if the coin cell is lying flat on the table. The contacts must not touch even with this maneuver.
3. now that stick LED with tape in the screw cap, screw on lid and you’re done.

Ii. Option “B” With Lamp Holder:

Get a lamp socket in the hardware store, draw the outline with pencil on the lid and cut out the hole. Now pass the lamp socket, screw in LED and close the lid as shown in the video-et voilà.

Iii. Individual Lights

Take but just a LED light chain, which might have left you and give you a new look with self-made umbrellas. Particularly good lights see plants, but also your parasol, the entablature of the Pergola or simply you can decorate cute garden table so.

For the umbrella you need lamps Folie as well as a stapler, tesa, pencil and if necessary tracing paper. Various templates that need to transfer only your lamps Folie, see this link http://c1.eltern.de/images/pdf/Heyda_Lichterketten.pdf. Then cut out, fold up and insert a LED through. Fix concludes with a stapler or tape.