Timber Music Player

Ever since Google released the first dev preview of Lollipop that we witness the continuing emergence of new music players based on Material Design. Gramophone (then Phonograph) kicked off at dances and from there it was a succession of elegant app that don’t offer actually very new at a technical level. Of course, there’s nothing wrong to prefer an app for purely aesthetic reasons; in this light, Timber could be one of my favorite releases lately.

It’s all pretty normal at first glance. The library is just structured and allows you to browse by artist, song or album. Missing folders and genres, but is manageable. When you browse forartist the app automatically downloads the thumbnails from the Internet, which they always do their bella figura. There are all floating buttons and bright colours typical of the Material Design, and so on. The peculiarity lies in the play page (http://www.investtops.com/2016/04/08/how-to-buy-the-right-music-player/).

In the preferences menu you can choose between four different layouts, two of whom—those circulars –particularly original and pleasant. In the Centre we cover, bounded by the progress bar that runs around the perimeter of the circle; outside, repeats the cover with a heavy blur. At the bottom there are upcoming songs in the play queue, either as a simple list or with a more refined style cover flow scrolling. Very nice animations in the timer inside the circle. Let’s say if you like Minimalist Clock, Timber is worth trying, because stylistically speaks the same language. And I love Minimal Clock.

Too bad that, in General, like player Timber has other strengths. Is an app done well, undeniable, but separate interface is cheap. But it is still in beta, space to grow there is everything. At the moment lacks even the equalizer, while exploring for album songs are sorted alphabetically and not as intended by the artist. No widgets or playback controls in lock screen or curtain notifications. Well the themes: one light, one dark and one white, suitable to AMOLED.

For the moment it is just a nice idea waiting to become something better, but a free trial does not cost anything to provide some feedback of encouragement to the developer …