Tiki Kart 3D, a Clone Quite Gotten Super Mario Kart

Eventually we find adaptations of video games mechanics to touch and mobile format. Sometimes they do not end Jell because the implementation is not very good. However, there are exceptions and sometimes these approaches they adapted well capabilities offered by these devices.

Within this second group we have games like Tiki Kart 3D. A title that, starting from the idea of Super Mario Kart and company, brings us a driving with three dimensional graphic game quite fun. Nothing new under the Sun, is true, but no less interesting.

Tiki Kart 3D is a driving game set in the tribal culture haiwana. Painted wooden masks, volcanoes, jungle, in short: the image that has sold us the current audiovisual culture than it is this island in the Pacific. Visually it works pretty well and the characters are very charismatic.

In terms of gameplay, we find ourselves with a mix between touch-sensitive controls and accelerometers. Press one side of the screen, either, we accelerate our kart. Turning the terminal turn in the corresponding direction, sensitivity is well adjusted, and unlike that in other games it is difficult to give volantazos. That Yes, when we give them is a little difficult to quickly rejoin the race.

In every circuit we find pineapples which hit them granted us objects of arbitrary shape: fireballs to throw our rivals, turbos for a temporary spurt… In total, we have of Fifteen circuits divided into three types of displacement: 50,100, and 150.

Before each race You can choose the type of car as well as the driver. Both have different characteristics and combination of these provide us with different play styles: cars with more top speed but with the toughest direction, cars more lightweight and easy to use… It has enough variety to find a style with which we are comfortable.

Graphically, as you can see in the video, is quite colorful and has a solid 3D engine. It is not the best we’ve seen on Android to date but meets its task very well. Tiki Kart 3D is free, although it includes advertising in some menus. It also has paid content, but they are not essential to enjoy the game.

In short, a game without great pretensions, but it is ideal for the dead times. If we search for similar titles have Krazy Kart Racing of Konami or in a more realistic perspective Drag Racing.

Tiki Kart 3dversion 2.1

  • Version of Android: Since 1.6
  • Developer: Big Blue Bubble
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Games