Thus a Nexus 7 to Give a Second Life Settles as a Car Navigation Center

The Nexus 7 It already has a few years on their backs (two or three, depending on the model) but that does not prevent him to remain an attractive device and can be removed that advantage still. As tablet Android is great and there are those who have decided to take advantage of that screen format to give you a new job. Specifically in the table for the living room to the dashboard of a car.

Darkn3ss is a user of YouTube and the video you have below teaches us How convert your tablet of seven inches into a multimedia center and navigation for your BMW car. The locution is in English but if you lend attention to the twelve-minute video you will discover that the process is easier than it seems at first glance.

One example of the versatile which is Android

The centerpiece of this modification is found in a digital receiver that handles link our tablet with the electronics in the car. Don’t worry, this only applies to multimedia functions and control of sound, not with navigation options. Installation, as you can see, is simple and only requires removing a panel, connect a series of cables, the tablet, and finally a faceplate.

If you’re wondering how demons makes Android work well in the car (interface for tablets isn’t the best at the wheel) the answer is found in AutoDroid. A ROM based Slimkat which has been designed specifically to use the Nexus 7 in car. It’s not Android Auto but we will have all the functions that we will need hand so we don’t have to worry about anything.

The good thing about this tutorial is that the description we find all the necessary elements to build it. Keep in mind that the author of this modification does in a BMW by what some of the pieces may vary depending on the model of car that you have.

As a solution to the auto cheap radios that sell Android car (worth about 300/400 euros, depending on the model) is a good choice. If your car has a few years and you are not considering renewing it soon, it is a simple experiment that will allow us to make sure our car is more “connected” with us. For everything else, it is a sample of how much that can give of themselves Android as a platform.