Three Types of Fishing Baits

Crab Bait:

Although it is true that gilthead fish is a demanding fish with its food, it is also that among its best food are crustaceans such as crab, is a bait that is used enough among fishermen and is quite economical, its great Consistency in the hardness of the shell allows the dorada to tie well with this bait and can be caught with better support allowing the best grip on the hook, the so-called green crabs are very appropriate for fishing of the golden, although it is advisable to select according to Which area you want to fish so your bait type would be.

These crab baits as well as other hard consistency baits are very suitable for fishing large pieces among which stand out those that can weigh up to 6 kilos of goldfish. Possibly with this bait and a piece of that size feel a considerable pull and as the reed doubles but of course is the appropriate if we speak of golden so large.

For the use of crab baits different types of fishing mounts are used, among which the short haul, the medium haul and the haul from far away, a bait very well considered by the sport fishing experts who consider that it is a Quite cheap bait in consideration of the pieces that can be collected using it, one of the drawbacks is perhaps the waiting time since it is a bait that does not draw so much attention and being a bait commonly soil should be kept resting waiting for Let the goldfish choke the hook.

Sea Cucumber Bait:

The sea cucumber is not very different in shape from the common cucumber, for this bait long hooks are used, it is very suitable for the fishing of gilthead and appropriate to maintain on the seafloor waiting for the fish to be interested by the bait.

This bait is not very used since in some countries can even be sanctioned the use of sea cucumber as bait, we advise without doubt other baits that offering the same utility or even a better part can be used without having to pay afterwards a fine If they are seen with these baits.

The good thing about this bait is that it is quite hard to stand perfectly in the water for as long as it takes for the goldfish to be keyed on the hook.

Sea Urchin Bait:

Other baits for goldfish, very appropriate to attract the attention of this fish according to andrewfishing, is of the family of the echinoderms and possesses a very peculiar flavor and smell that attracts this type of fish, for its use they must choose small pieces of this one Form will be nailed guaranteeing its total or partial ingestion ensuring a good day of fishing.

It is a suitable bait for the short haul or medium haul or for fishing between rock, it is a very beneficial bait in the fishing of the golden one that can offer a good fishing in short time, the size of the golden hake with the bait of hedgehog of Sea is quite varied. Its outer hardness offers greater stamina in terms of holding up certain currents in the hook and holding longer subject.