This Service You Must Do without on Our Site’s Upcoming 4 G-Net

On our site’s upcoming 4 g network excludes the TDC immediately certain services due to lack of demand.

TDC’s upcoming 4 g network will be without static IPv4 addresses. It happens according to the TDC, because customers do not demand it, writes our site.

Torben Rune from network schemes have otherwise sought services such as static IP addresses, delivery guarantee and symmetric broadband.

But our site refuses to after spøgslen is present: “we are conducting ongoing market research, just as we are in dialogue with our customers. Here we get an indication of what companies are looking for,” says Doris Damstedt R, communications advisor at our site Professions.

“It is not free for us to develop a concept for a product,” says Doris Damstedt R to Computerworld – “but it must of course have the potential to be profitable before we release it,” he says.