This Christmas Give Away CAMPING

Tents, sleeping bags, lanterns, stoves, coolers and many other accessories to give and furnish to a camper for your next outing. It gives campsite. You can place the order in our shop.

Sleeping Bags
Sleeping Antartik $29,000
Mummy type bag to minimize heat loss.Thermal and breathable. Hooded for added convenience. System “Open-Fiber” for low temperatures. Extreme temperature: – 7 ° C. Comfort temperature: 3 ° C. Transport with built-in compactor bag according to CyclingEnthusiasm.
Sleeping Raptor

Sleeping ultralight and super compact. Mummy type bag to minimize heat loss. Side opening closure. Bag with built-in compactor of quick couplings. Materials provide comfort and offers low weight and prevents odor. Extreme temperature: 5 ° c comfort temperature: 10° C
Everest Sleeping Bag

Bag with padding in double litter, Mummy type, which minimizes heat loss. It has adjustment system that allows you to close the hood completely.
Extreme temperature: – 10 ° c comfort temperature: 2 ° C. carrier bag includes compactor sacks.
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CARP Cherokee 3 to 4 people
Offer: $44,000
It has winds for greater stability.Special apse with awning. Sealed seams. Stove of 190T polyester waterproof polyurethane in 2,500 mm of water column. Interior: fabric ultra NET fine. Floor: high density polyethylene, anti-fungus.Structure: rods of fiberglass composite type flex max (red) with technology nano (white) fiber with diameter larger than conventional ones. Dimensions: Length: 2.1 m width: 2.1 mt, high: 1.35 m.
Explorer 4-6 tent
It has winds for greater stability.Broad apse to store different items. The stove is made of polyester 190T waterproofed with polyurethane of 2,500 mm of water column. Sealed stitching, heat-sealing, and UV protection.Interior: 190T breathable polyester and fabric mosquito net not see hum. Floor: High density polyethylene, anti-fungus. Structure: Rods of fiberglass composite flex Max.Dimensions: Length: 2,10 m, apse of 1.60 mts / width: 2.40 m high: 1,30 m. Weight: 8.6 kg.
Child tent
Easy to assemble. Ceiling of polyester, fiberglass rods connected with elastic.Dimensions: Length: 100 cm, width: 100 cm, high: 80 cm. weight: 0.72 kg
Tent Harekohu
Tent of beach with automatic opening and closing system. 98% UV protection from the harmful rays of the Sun (UPF 50 +). J hook for hanging lightweight objects large windows of mesh for ventilation and privacy filter. Internal pockets for personal items or telephones. Weight: 1, 9kg. Soil fabric Oxford polyester with PU coating. 3.24 m2 floor.
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Stove Spark
Weight: 87 g. dimensions (open): 8.5 x 8.0 cm. dimensions (closed): 5.5 x 8.5 cm in diameter. Kitchen (the Pan support): 10,5 cm. neoprene diameter: 11 cm. consumption: 57 g/
Frontier stove
Stove portable and easy to use.Compact and low weight. Auto and dimmer lighting of flame (called uniform.) Burner made of galvanized steel. Cover and Grill tiled for easy cleaning. Safety device to control the output of the gas. Includes carrying case. 227 g gas cartridges used.
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