Third-Party Lock Against Subscription Trap

Since a trend for scam making the rounds before subscription traps be taken absolutely. Mobile Web browsing to be affected very quickly yourself. We tell you what her best should do about it, here.

When the mobile browsers, some Android users in the scammers are already tapped case. Once, they were just redirected and then got a text message that they had probably entered into a subscription. I can’t believe that you supposedly can complete a subscription in Europe without consent. So that something like that happens you don’t, we will advise you with your mobile service provider to set up a third-party provider lock. Namely, each provider legally is obliged to set up such a lock request since the year 2012. It will be apparent whether really is a new Abofalle on the way, but in any case, a free third-party lock is one of the precautions you should take.

What is a third-party provider lock?

With your Smartphone , you can already long much more than just phone calls. Most of you use various services, which are operated by other companies and surf in the mobile network. And this brings dangers with it. A short tap on a false advertising banners on a page or an app do have consequences. There’s this third-party provider lock to protect consumers against these fee-based subscriptions and services. At the request of mobile operators are obliged to set up the blocking third-party. Thus, all additional services that cost money are locked. Also the lock is carried out through the mobile phone provider free.

Lock the mobile service provider


To enable the third-party provider lock, you need to contact your mobile operator. At the Telekom are you blocking options available. Locks, you can let one, two, or all categories. This is blocking the categories of business services, blocking of consumer services and blocking adult content, i.e. content that is not suitable for minors. See speed dialing 2202 Telecom blocking can apply for and take out any time again.


The third-party provider lock per call the hotline or alternatively by fax is possible also for Vodafone . In addition, you will find an overview of your individual sales or subscriptions on the website of Vodafone as Vodafone customers. Just under MeinVodafone – MeinMobilfunk – subscriptions & purchases – mobile payment – transaction.


E-Plus Customers can set up the third-party provider lock directly online. To do this you must you simply log in “My account” on the E-plus page and beautiful, you can adjust the desired lock.


At O2 , you can unlock the chargeable services completely or only partially. All of the services of third-party and O2 are locked at the “complete lock of all third-party”. The “third-party lock Excl. O2 services”, however, excluded services of the blocking o2 and remain still available. The “third-party lock Excl. O2 services and excluding mpass3 ‘ O2 services and services of third parties of the category”digital and virtual goods”keeps more affordable. The lockout at O2 can be done on the customer hotline or contact form.

If a subscription is already completed

If you have already accidentally completed a subscription, you should contact your mobile phone provider first and foremost and back talk. Also you should request the contact information of the company that provides you the subscription invoice. The subscription service should you contact affiliated in writing and the conclusion of the contract dispute. As a precaution, we recommend directly to cancel the subscription, it’s at least not continue running. Best you going in writing, so that it is subsequently easier to prove.


Third-party locks are a sensible precaution against subscription traps and other hidden costs. Therefore we recommend to set up such a lock. It of fast, free and you’re always on the safe side.