Thinning Haircuts

If you’re about to change the look in your hair tries to make this change even better and help slim your face, you can kill two birds with one stone, if you want to know how, read on .

10. Long and Wavy

Without a doubt this court will favor you much more, since being longer have the option to hide the round face and like the following stylize achieved what we want and want.

9. Smooth

Sometimes we think that the wear short hair is not suitable for women who have a round face, the style that we present today is one of the most suitable for women with a round face, the key is to look always straight. You can use the brush or iron,

8. Pixie Cut

This cut is a favorite of the famous and now understand, this helps you lose weight your face surprisingly, although it is a bit radical for all doing well.

7. Layers

For round – shaped faces are ideal layers and starting as high as possible, that is up to the chin, to that effect lengthens and yet look slimmer.

6. Joint Fleco

You do not want to cut off all your hair, what you can do is change the look of your fringe , because if it is right that cause your face look round, you have to do it is that the banks of the fringe are longer to give the illusion a thinner face.

5. Bob

The cut bob is another really helps thin the face if it is right, as there are many styles, is that the front is longer than the back, making your thin face.


4. Fringe Side

When you cut your bangs to the side it is wonderful for your face because it causes an asymmetry and that will sharpen your features.

3. Degrafilado

Long hair is ideal to slim your face but to be more marked degrafila tips and never combs with a stripe in the middle because otherwise pull down the whole effect.

2. Cut Half

If your face is hexagonal ideally carry the hair long or shoulder height and with an asymmetric fringe, and you must cut it straight to your face look slimmer.

1. Tips

If you do not dare to cut your hair or do not want to do it in an extreme way, you can give a little volume at the ends.

Now you know the ideal time for your face look slimmer and spectacular luzcas court. Do not hesitate to use them, share them with your friends and tell us how it went.