These Are the 8 Types of Man

There are the small, intelligent, tall, strong, thin, vain, carefree and cuddly. Every girl has her favorite man style. In the we present the 8 types of men, according to social networks.Do you agree with these ratings?

# 8.The Metrossexual

They are clean with their picture.They always dress well, the hairstyle is perfect and they are always very fragrant.They like to wear various men’s beauty products.You could say that they are very vain or simply like to highlight their qualities.They are the men’s version of women who are using 30 different products.One of the best known representatives of the style is Cristiano Ronaldo.

# 7.The Retrossexual

These men are just the opposite of the previous style, since they flee from any beauty product other than the razor blade and the foam.They are not very vain with their image, so we can define them as “very natural”.You could say that this type of man is very sure of himself.For some people, they may seem “sloppy” with their appearance.

# 6.The geek

Geeks are those who have been called “nerds”, but feel much safer because of their great intelligence.Regarding looks, they often wear conservative glasses and clothing, but have their own style, sometimes dressed in the 1950s, wearing sweaters or shirts.But do not be fooled by your conversation about mathematics: these men in the background are very passionate, romantic and loyal.

# 5.The Hipster

This type of man goes a little further than the geek in terms of image because he usually exploits a little more fashion created by himself, wearing hats, scarves and daring male bags.It is characterized by knowing a lot of technology, always aware of the latest product on the market, as well as music and art in general.You can be a good movie partner to watch movies that others would find very sugary.

# 4.The Urbersexual

It is between the metrosexual and the retroxual.It looks neat, but without overdoing the use of male cosmetics.Do not spend so much time and effort with your hair, just take care, as everyone should take care of.Regarding appearance, you can say that you found the balance and do not care if it calls attention or not.It has its own style.

# 3.Mr. Metro

This category is the evolution of hipster and metrosexual, because, besides loving technology and knowing everything about this subject, also worries about the image.Unlike the geeks, who seem relaxed or the meters, who present themselves as catwalk models, Mr. Metro dresses up as a “superstar” in the Matrix style.

#2.The Mandrogynous

This style is far from heterosexual and one could say that it is the evolution of a somewhat rustic style called “Guido”.They are characterized by epilating eyebrows and hairs, wear clean clothes and are always tanned, and have good muscles and use tattoos.

#1.Mr. Mustache

As its name indicates, one of its characteristics is its leafy mustache, leaving aside the beard. They are the men who mark trend, since they tend to have a good perception and buy items that are still going to come in fashion. They like to renew their wardrobe and do not want tattoos on their body.