The Waterproof Case for Iphone

One of the biggest nightmares of those who own expensive cell phone handsets is to let them fall in the pool, on the beach, in the toilet or take rain, situations that can cause great damage and damage, even causing the smartphone to stop working.

For those who have spent a real fortune in buying the iPhone, it is not even good to imagine that this can happen. It is best to be warned, using a waterproof case for iPhone, an accessory that guarantees good protection for Apple’s smartphone and also in your pocket, since it can avoid great financial losses.

Using this accessory, some manufacturers ensure that you can dive with your iPhone as long as it does not exceed certain depths, and you can even send an SMS message to your friends while you’re underwater.

Waterproof Options For Iphone

Searching the internet is possible to find several options of waterproof cover for iPhone, including some already compatible with the new iPhone 5. One of the options is Case Marine Gooma, of Japanese origin, a polyurethane cover, 0.25mm thick, that allows the use of the iPhone up to 10 meters underwater.It can also be used on the Samsung Galaxy SII.

In addition to it, Catalyst’s EscapeCapsule is also very water-resistant and protects your smartphone from scratches, scratches, dust and sand, leaving your iPhone free of various dangers and even allowing you to take beautiful photos underneath. Water.

Other options for waterproof cases for the iPhone are the iPhone Scuba Suit, resistant up to 15 meters deep and the Lifeproof Case, which also offers good protection when using your cell phone during the dive.

IPhone Waterproof Prices

Case Marine Gooma is priced at $ 72.00 and can be found on the Japan Trend Shop website, while EscapeCapsule costs $ 89.99, On the website of Catalyst, the cover maker.

The iPhone Scuba Suit case comes in at US $ 60.00 and the Lifeproof Case costs US $ 79.99, reminding that all of them are for sale on websites from abroad. That there are several color options. Prices in reais are based on the US dollar exchange rate on September 24, 2012. Subject to change.