The Ultimate Build-Even the iPhone Dock

iPhone docks can be found in all shapes and sizes, but IXOOST has found the ultimate of all of them, and you can even put together the.

iPhone users may be happy for one thing, and it’s Companion Committee for their devices, one of them is docking stations.

And the guys from IXOOST who have taken on this project, have thought far out of the box when they got the idea.

Take a exhaust manifold from a formula 1 racer, strip it of it unnecessary and modify it with a foot, and some new exit holes.

Then you start to build electronics into the manifold, in order finally to stand with a full-blooded formula 1 exhaust manifold which can play all your music from your iPhone.

That is exactly the result of an idea that has grown large, the project means you can go onto their website, and even choose from what year your formula 1 manifold must come from, for then even to design it with different colors.

Finally, do you have a totally unique docking station for your iPhone, as there are no other warranty in your Entourage who has.

The price? It is, of course, up in a class of its own. Starting price lands therefore on about 38,000 Danish kroner.

See more pictures below or inside on their website.