The Ugliest Shoes in the World

What woman loves to buy many and many shoes is no secret for any man, but, those on the list nor for free anyone wants.

How about addressing a subject that all of us women love? The shoes . But this is not a selection with the most beautiful shoes in the world, not a list with some of the ugliest shoe models created, of course in my opinion and a lot more people.

The famous Crocs

Let’s start our list with them that have turned fever in the windows and streets of the whole world, the CROCS.The crocs were originally designed to be used on boats, as their sole is non-slip, and does not mark the deck.But, they ended up falling into the bad taste of people.They can talk whatever they want about this shoe, which is super light, comfortable, does not give away, hypoallergenic and that is ecologically correct (to be recycled).Nothing will change my mind, because the animal is too ugly!


It is a fact that there are cheesy things that have become fashionable and there is fashion that, after a while, is considered to be very tacky.It is with this phrase that we return to the past to remember the papetes, models that were inspired by the sandals used by the Franciscan monks.These sandals have been used for a while, both by women and men, of course less by me.There are still some people who have a lot of nerve to walk around with that little flap.

Open boot

Another shoe that I also never got to understand is the Open Boot, which is a mixture of boot with sandal.If the boot was created with the intention of warming your feet on cold days and your sandal cool on hot days, then tell me why open boot is hot in summer and cold in winter?So far I’m trying to understand why this shoe exists.


The biggest culprit in the horrible Sneakers fever is the French stylist Isabel Marant.These sneakers began to be used by international celebrities, and soon spread like a plague by the entire population.You can say they are super comfortable and everything, but I still prefer my old and beloved KEDS.

It is worth remembering that fashion is very subjective, that is, what is beautiful for one is not so much for another. Then this article is about my opinion and not general.

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