The Turban Headband

Mental the silhouette of a suave will be retro, the turban has the gift to inspire chic and l gance any summery look. A tat in fact has notably not chapp actress Eva Mendes, who swears by it now…

Accessory f tront of the Shimmering Catherine Baba, the turban fa we 40 years is recently reached out of his shackles vintage to come s reduce a wide panel of fashionistas. I must say that with her looks very “Paul Poiret”, it didn’t like for chiciser the silhouette.

Careful however not to treat mode 100% retro, under pain of being left with a look a bit cartoonish, d with this fra display essential for summer outfits. Who want to wear on a daily basis will have any interest sulk references to the pass and d leave the covering version “1920” in favor of the turban headband.

A modus operandi perfectly assimil by the gorgeous Eva Mendes who, in giant preferred clothing of inspiration ethnic, girly or simply casual to looks the Gloria Swanson, manages offer the turban an appeal to the more contemporary fashion. Printed or monochrome, associated with a high bun and positioned in order to let appear the root of the hair, the latter wins indeed not to be associated to the IP these m me lexical field.

The capri pants, we prfrera so to accompany jean boyfriend roulott on the ankle, the re marini a jean shirt (size XL) enou on the front, caftan maxi sweater port as a dress, to a-pi this bustier animal bikini and cat – eye glasses a pair of Ray Ban Aviator.

Therefore remains to know how to tie the famous turban:

Fold the triangle square

Fold the scarf from the tip to get a flat headband

Place said band around the skull, so as to have its two ends to

Cross the last few centimeters of the hairline in a tight knot , and then redo a looser knot

Slide both ends of the scarf on both sides of the headband


PS: Those judging too complicated exercise may opt for a headband everything (see here , here and here ).