The Top 7 Models for the Newcomer

The reasons for the first purchase of a high-quality watch can be numerous: often a salary jump or the beginning of a new life section as an occasion, sometimes the purchase decision is solely due to a newly discovered interest in watches. But which model is the right one for entering the world of mechanical time measurement?

The fewer watches you have, the more important it is to find a timepiece that represents well the garment style of the wearer and covers as many facets of personality as possible. Finally, you do not (yet) have a full watch case, which can provide the right model according to your mood, mood or dress code. At the same time, one would like to make a real decision from the point of view of reason, whereby the main decision-making criteria are, above all, processing quality, service life, process values and price.Ultimately, the first watch is always something special, which is why the purchase is well thought-out. As a guide for getting started is MONTREDOto seven models that are interesting with their timeless design and a convincing price-performance ratio especially for newbies in the field of luxury watches.

Junghans Champion Classic Automatic

After Junghans had already disappeared into the sinking in recent years, the traditional German company such as Phoenix got out of the ashes and convinced as in the past with high-quality but always affordable watches. In addition to sporting timepieces, the product range also includes numerous elegant models that score with elegance and understatement. Examples include the Meister collection as well as the Bauhaus-style timepieces sold under the name Max Bill. Due to the pleasantly moderate dimensions and the reduced look, the Meistereich shown here is very comfortable to wear and does not only fit for leisure wear, but also excellently to suit or tuxedo.

Nomos Tetra Leather Flowers

So much money for the money you get with hardly any other manufacturer. The manufactory, based in Glashütte, is anything but conventional and has been bringing fresh air into the world of luxury watches for several years. Nomos combines exciting and yet reserved designs from Berlin with great quality and manufacturing depth Made in Glashütte. Already in the entry models, only self-produced factories are installed – a circumstance which makes nomos significantly different from other manufacturers in this price class. The Tetra model range perfectly embodies the fresh charm of the manufacturer and shows that a watch does not always have to be round. The model shown here listens to the sounding name Lederblümchen and forms together with its sister models Knabenkraut and Zartbitter a square-practical watch collection.

Tissot Seastar Automatic

The traditional manufacturer Tissot offers primarily more sporty timepieces with a high cost-benefit factor. The mechanical watches from the manufacturer have the standard versions of Swiss ETA-Werke and are already available from about EUR 500, -. The new Seastar models are suitable for wearers who like to wear sporty clothes and like to feel their wristwatch. Especially the chronograph of the well-known Tissot diving watch collection shown here is a real eye catcher and is suitable not only for activities in the water, but for any sporting activity. Despite its extremely stately diameter of 48 millimeters, the Seastar is comfortable to wear and fits with its rubber strap very well to the wrist of its wearer.

Meistersinger Single Watch No. 1

With only one pointer, the master single watch is only approximate (the distance between two subindices equals 5 minutes) – a concept with which the German manufacturer has triggered a true trend towards deceleration in the luxury watch sector in recent years. In the meantime, there are countless brands, which, with the exception of a minute and second hand, are no longer required by the collections of their collections. This not only has a positive effect on the design, but also expresses a statement on more slowness in an increasingly fast-paced world. Visually, the watches are quite vintage and remind with the preset zero at all single-digit full hours of nautical measuring instruments. The one-hand watch no.1 shown here houses the Swiss ETA 2801-1 and pleases with its patina-like dial color and the visible orange-colored seam, which gives the leather strap a youthful touch.

Oris Big Crown Timer

The manufacturer impresses with high-quality watches, in which exclusively Swiss Made ETA calibers are installed. The Oris Big Crown Timer is very large, with a diameter of 44 millimeters and is best suited to wearers with wider wrists. Although it is intended as a pilot’s watch for use at high altitudes, it conveys a certain earthy charm due to the brown calf leather bracelet with light seam. The watch is particularly suitable for leisure outfits and business casual. The Oris is equipped with a sapphire crystal back, which makes it possible to watch the work and the red rotor typical of Oris.

Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch

With a prize of just over 3,000 EUR, you enter the league of the absolute clock icons here. The Omega Speedmaster Professional was the first “Watch on the Moon” to record two space missions after a failure of almost all instruments as a navigational instrument and save the crew of Apollo 13 from a serious disaster. Therefore, the “Moonwatch” was also not missing in our listing of the top 10 watches, with which limits were exceeded .Today the model is offered in all possible variants. We recommend the most authentic replica model with Plexiglas, which has been included since 2014, a second textile bracelet in the NATO style, a book about the history of the Speedmaster Professional and the spring bar set for exchanging the two bracelets. The Plexiglas has a more natural curvature compared to sapphire glass on the glass edge and is also significantly more attractive.More interesting facts about the Omega Speedmaster Professional you will also find in our articles 10 myths and misconceptions about the Omega Speedmaster Professional  and the mysterious disappearance of Buzz Aldrins Omega Speedmaster.

Vintage Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust

The brand with the high recognition value is not only the static symbol, but also the best in the market with watch technology. Especially as a manufacturer of robust and durable sports watches, Rolex knows how to convince both fans and professionals alike. The Oyster Perpetual Datejustwas the first watch with a date display, and Rolex’s most important technical achievements are today. This is the name of the Oyster in the name of the water tightness and the Perpetual for the automatic winding, which was once by Rolex with the invention of the Unilaterally pullable rotor. Vintage copies of this icon start at approx. EUR 2,000,-. It should be remembered that this is not only a valuable item but also a lifelong companion.