The Time To Take Their Coats From The Closet

One of the things I missed when I lived in Salvador was that thing of not having four seasons. The city be eternally inserted at the age of 25 to 30. And it’s one of the things I like most. OK, here it rains too much, when it’s hot is one thing unbearable (although the paulistas that I’ve know in saying that in São Paulo does not heat). But feel the wind chill of winter coming and the colors of everything changing is a business that I love. And making fondue without having to turn on the air conditioning? A true am so out of here, folks.

Another joy of four seasons is to make a natural recycling closet. Yes! That natural movement to hide all heavy jackets there that high Cabinet when the pointer of the thermometer starts to climb. And, some months later, when the cold starts to appear and you already tired of your closet, it’s time to make the move to bring loved ones back to life jackets. And behold, a new old cabinet. And this is the cycle of life.

Well. Winter came and, yesterday, I finally took the coats of the bag (Yes, the place is small and we have to save space), so get ready for a whole range of new looks with old coats.

Today was the first. This isn’t even a coat, but I don’t use it, literally, since last winter. And he’s one of those long sleeves left in hand and give that Nice confortinho that only a good knitting on a cold day can.

But the striped navy winter climate tricôzinho wasn’t going to be enough for chilly today. I chose to include a trenchcoat in look, just to make this new layer and to be prepared to get a little rain if that were the case.

As I don’t feel very cold feet, just giving me the luxury of adopting a shoe lighter and colored to give that broken basic on wintry look.

Finally, to match the boldness, the Jaguar belt took the look of the monotema and still had everything to do with the climate of the pumps.