The Telecommunications Industry Is the Pressure on the Economy

The Danish telecommunications industry is hard pressed on the economy, which, among other things, goes beyond investments.

The Danish telecommunications industry turn down the investment, however, they have a special effort to get the new 4 g/LTE mobile networks up and running.

Mobile war expenditure outweighs delete, not the number of mobile broadband subscriptions sold and new investment is right back on the same level as in 2003. It writes our site.

The decline in the telecom industry’s investment in Denmark is significant, it is clear from the Business Agency’s new report “economic fundamentals for telecommunication industry 2011”, which has just been published.

That was last year sold for 1.6 billion mobile broadband, which is an advancement from 1.2 billion kroner the year before – however, the companies ‘ total turnover on telecommunications is telephony declined, particularly because of the mobile war.

Redundancies in the telecommunications industry have also claimed the lives of a number of jobs. Only last year, the telecommunications industry 800 jobs poorer, so that in 2011 was 14,700 employees. Back in 2002, there were nearly 22,000 employees in the Danish telecommunications sector.

You can read the entire report “economic fundamentals for telecommunication industry 2011” here.