The Tactical Flashlight Fenix Tk16

Have you ever thought that your flashlight, you need to carry with you on the fish may be able to far more than the others say conventional lamps? What can you expect from a professional “torch” used by special units?

A guy who likes taking trips into the countryside, whether as a fisherman, hunter, čundrák, picker or just passionate hiker should carry with them for practical reasons, two fundamental things – a knife and a flashlight. Both subjects you can, especially in precarious situations, demonstrate an important service, but a knife or dagger in this article we will talk. The speech will be a lantern or flashlight if you want that you can adequately play your passions and hobbies variously important role.

However, if we were to summarize and say CampingShip versatile attributes of a proper macho svítlny convenient for carrying with you into nature, then surely we can agree on the basic four. Flashlight should have the best possible afterglow (distance and width of the cone of light), it should withstand rough handling, including contact with water, for example, in the rain, it can not be any four pound headlamp that burden and interferes and eventually – must bear shine a really long time.

When macho lamp, as well as from an action movie
What would you say if such a torch that will be worn often by herself, she could more? Did you ever think that you can own flashlight used by special police and military units? Its price is not as high as you might have expected, but its features and design definitely exceed your expectations. Afterglow hundreds of meters underwater lights, the possibility of breaking glass notched head lamps, and all the “machine”, which weighs just 122 grams. It is only the basic characteristics of tactical flashlights from Fenix workshop, which specializes in professional light sources.

To be completely accurate, so Fenix’s tactical flashlights are several, but I, after much deliberation, chose as his “partner” on trips to the countryside model TK16, which caught my best to hand, has met all of my technical requirements for practical flashlight including truly massive persistence and frankly – and filled my visual idea of “the right one” tactical flashlight 🙂

Until čtvrtkilometrový afterglow monitors electronics
But let’s be specific about what the TK16ky terms of whether you have a clearer idea of what such a professional “torch” offers. Začněmě cone of light, without which there would be no svítlna not lamp. TK16 afterglow of its strongest mode at distances up to 240 meters, which is a better idea of the length of two and a half football fields, or even half the length of the entire Charles Bridge in Prague. The maximum output power of this sítilny of 1,000 lumens ensures efficient Cree LED with a lifetime of 50,000 hours and an aluminum reflector.

In total it is possible to use the lantern 5 light modes from the aforementioned highest level (the battery lasts in this mode turned on for more than an hour) to 10 lumens mode, which can handle light at a time up to 150 hours. Additionally, you can switch the flashlight and strobe flashing mode.

The lamp is equipped with smart electronics, which monitors a constant exercise in the various modes, protects it against overheating and against poorly loaded batteries. To power the flashlight, you can choose either a single high-capacity lithium-ion battery or two batteries třívoltové.

Shocks, falls, or water? Proven, never mind!
The body itself lamp is made of aircraft grade aluminum, so that the lamp is both very light (122 grams without batteries), but also resistant to falls or other impacts (the manufacturer guarantees resistance against falls from a height of 1 meter). The surface of the lamp is also treated so that it is very scratch resistant. TK16 is not only shock resistant, but can withstand water. According to the standard IPX-8 last flashlight to shine without damaging even two meters under water.

On the first day I unpacked a flashlight, I proclaimed resistance had to try. Without a gross test I’m not going to believe her. An hour and a “flashlight” shone under the water a few times I had carelessly tossed in the garden and I even dream vykoušel smash the old box in the garage ready for disposal. The endurance test, I was very happy!

Maximally tightened practicality
shape or design lamp is devised so that when the grip from slipping in your hand while the lamp is not rotated when placed on an uneven surface. Dimensions lamps are 14 x 3.4 cm (head), respectively, 2.5 cm (body).

Obviously it would not be enough tactical flashlight if it could not be mounted on the weapon. For this purpose, however, you still have to buy a mounting barrel gun rail or telescope, but there is even mount an ordinary bike and then zdalších accessories and filters, adapters, diffuser and remote switch.

Control tactical flashlight is designed course at the rear end, and two simple buttons. Equipped with every TK16 is sundatelný clip for wearing on her dress or outfit, cord for hanging on the wrist and decent holster.