The Tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S Stays without Marshmallow

Already missing very little for that Android Nougat be present and yet, still known terminal that they are receiving or will receive prompt Marshmallow. In the times that run seems that some manufacturers are putting the batteries in this aspect, something that especially benefits users.

Unfortunately, on this occasion we are talking about a terminal that will not receive Marshmallow: the tablet Samsung Galaxy S Tab, whether your version of 8.4 inches or 10.5 inches. Both tablets came to the market around last year and two years ago because they received their update to Lollipop.

Update: While Samsung Holland said that the Galaxy Tab S upgrade nanai, is that Samsung Greece says Yes. It seems that each country be updated if it pleases. We will keep you informed if there is any new information.

It was expected that this year, particularly during the current quarter, both tablets from Korean manufacturer to receive Android 6.0, especially taking into account that leaked rumors of this model running Marshmallow in one of the applications of benchmarks.However, Samsung Netherlands has confirmed on his Facebook account that there will be no Marshmallow for the Galaxy S Tab.

If you waited eagerly to receive this update and it has demoralized you learn that not it officially, there will always be You can go to the development community, where we are sure that there are some Marshmallow-based ROM or a series of MODs that you come to experience that for a short time is the latest Android version.