The Storage Giant Saygus V2

Saygus has unveiled a Smartphone that stands out a little of the usual smartphones these days.Because the device contains not one, but two, micro-SD card slots as well as a dual-SIM functionality.

The device was presented by 2015 before one year at CeBit. Since, the team behind Saygus has made a few changes. Now it’s time, and the Smartphone will come on the market. First, the Vorbesteller_innen are supplied with equipment, then other batches are produced for Neukund_innen.

No more memory problems

The V2 has not only two SD card slots, but also a large 64 GB internal memory. Together with two 200 GB SD cards, so a maximum internal memory of 464 gigabytes could be create. This is record much. Other facilities include a 801 Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm in the year 2014 and 3 gigabytes of memory. The processor is sufficient although already somewhat older, but for normal use.

The display of the unusual smartphones is 5 inches tall and has a full HD resolution, so 1920 x 1080 pixels.According to Saygus, the V2 independently handle some display parameters to increase the contrast in the sunlight and make the display more readable.


The main camera get photos with a resolution of 21 megapixels. Here comes an image stabilization for blur-free photos to use. There is also a dual-LED flash. Selfies can be shot with 13 megapixels. For easy use, for example in foreign countries, the dual-SIM provides functionality. The V2 features a USB type C connector for charging and syncing. The all-round package is rounded off by a waterproof housing.

The battery has an area of 3,100 mAh and is renewable. Recharge can be the battery not only via the USB port, but also by Drahtlostandard qi. The stereo speakers are designed together with the audio specialists Harman Kardon. In addition, a fingerprint sensor is installed. The V2 measures 67 x 137 x 9.7 mm and weighs 141 grams. The V2 should be delivered with Android 6.0.

A useful feature is the integrated wireless HD technology. Thus, the screen contents of the V2 can be send wirelessly to a TV or similar device. And that almost no latency.

Conclusion: The perfect smartphone?

The Saygus V2 is definitely a very interesting device. Especially the large memory will thrill the heart of every Smartphonenutzer_innen. The many additional features like good sound, fingerprint scanner and big battery sound well. Unfortunately I have not really managed the design. Also the price €650 is similar to that of champions such as the Galaxy S7. And once the V2 must keep pace with its processing quality.