The SPA at Home

The wellness and Spa treatments at home. Call Me is born in Milan Spa.

The last frontier of the Club is called “Call Me Spa, and is the first service of “Spa on demand” (see that allow all women to relax at home but just as in a Health Club. A service makes available to those who need an expert team of professionals ready to offer a package of massages, facial and body treatments, conveniently and directly to your home, every day of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays.

In Milan the Service Call Me Spa is already active, with two interesting proposals: Call Me Wellness, a line id treatments to regenerate body and soul, and Call Me Fitness, techniques and disciplines me getting into shape safely and naturally.

The offer will be expanded with a range of services with two new lines, one dedicated to beauty, with many basic and advanced cosmetic services, including make-up and hair style, the other to health, with a range of treatments and therapies including osteopathy, physical therapy and more.

The service, already active in Milan, during the 2014 will extend to all major cities in Italy and with a spectrum of new and varied services.