The Seventh Edition of The Humble Bundle with Android

I think that for many will not make them lack explanation about what the Humble Bundle, worse if there is someone that this is your first bundle, isn’t is more explain it so that those who have not enjoyed these offers. We can quickly tell that you offered a lot of independent games and that you can put the price that you see fit you.

As usual, you can put the price that best suits you, but the more pay more rewards you can receive. If you exceed the dollar deliver you besides Steam keys to register the game, and if you exceed the average, add more games, as well as add more within a week that nobody knows is exactly what.

This time the selection is quite varied, because we have some games that we have seen previously, as the game Ticket to Ride along with an expansion, Incredipede, the strategy game Greed Corp and the puzzle game Anodyne.

As for the extra games we will have Worms Reloaded, of the popular series of arcade-style, and The bard’s tale, a complete adventure in a 3D environment which has received very good reviews. This time the level of games has much high amount that contribute to get all the games, that when writing these lines is located in the 6.90 dollars, a very small price considering it includes versions for Windows, Mac, GNU/Linux and Android.