The Seven Levels of Feminism

After a time of doldrums, Feminism has become to stay. With the support of celebrities such as Emma Watson, Lena Dunham or Beyonce, it seems that the movement for women’s equality has returned to stay and succeed. But How can find out what our level of commitment? We have prepared a scale from 1 to 7 with different levels.

7 radical feminist:

All those women who are they advocate overthrow patriarchy through the abolition of gender, cause always of inequality and oppression of women. They propose a reorganization of society. This trend originated in the third wave of feminism in the 1970’s. The current Kate Millet opened it in its sexual politics (1969), where he highlights the importance of the role of sexuality in the subordination of women, relegated to being mere producers, and denounces how liberal values are only applicable to men. Radical feminists argue that it is the social institution of the genre, and not the economic system, the origin of the oppression of women. They argue that lesbianism is the only way to fully develop the female sexuality, while mediate power relationships.

Within this category calls also come Feminazis, a rather pejorative term, the counterpoint of machismo. Refers to women who believe in the superiority of their sex men and want to impose these use totalitarian tactics. Coined by Rush Limbaugh, conservative linked to the Republican Party of the United States, denotes a woman who does feminism a fanatical lifestyle, not to describe feminists in general but those in terms of equality they seek the superiority of the female and the male discrimination.

6. feminist of Femen:

It’s a level of commitment with the highest feminism. They are all those women who have decided to join Femen, group that has achieved with their protests of all the major media headlines.

“My body is a political weapon, not an object for the mash.” Lara Alcázar, leader of Femen in Spain.

With its headquarters in Paris, the female members of the Femen perform actions with the torso discovered against sex tourism, religious institutions, sexism and other matters of national and international social relevance. That Yes, they risk end up arrested by police, as it has happened to a large number of their activists.

5 feminist fighter:

They are women who launched the fight to get rights for all. Something that is still needed in many countries. A social movement with courageous heroines who were mobilized to get out the vote. The suffrage has therefore been one of its most important axes, Although it can not be equated suffrage and feminism. The latter has a wide industrial base which, at times, considers the vote, but that, on other occasions, it also requires social demands such as the Elimination of civil discrimination for married women or access to education, paid work, control playback, etc.

“Resolved whatever you wish, but facing the responsibility of to give input to that half of mankind in policy, policy as thing two, because there is only one thing that makes a single sex: light;” the others are all in common, and cannot come here you to legislate, to vote taxes, issuing duties, to legislate on the human race, on the woman and son, isolated, out of us.” The author of this sentence is one of the most important feminists in the history of our country, Clara Campoamor and a clear example of what these brave women were seeking with their protests.

4 committed feminist:

They are those women who they have taken a step forward to support feminism. They are targeted at associations, political parties or any type of movement that fights for the rights of women. They work on a daily basis to achieve the goals of equality, they attend lectures, attend demonstrations, etc. In short, they actively militate in the pursuit of gender equality in all aspects of his life. A committed feminist example is that of the writer Naomi Wolf, the author of the myth of beauty, who has spent years defending the feminist principles and fighting for equality in all areas, but is also a strong advocate for freedom of choice.

Women such as Emma Watson, new Ambassador of the UN that plague their feminist discourses of phrases such as “I have realized that fighting for women’s rights has become a synonym for hate men.” If there is one thing I know with certainty is that this must stop.”

3. are feminist:

The position of these women is of clear support to feminism, but not so actively as in the previous levels. They not shut up when they feel that a situation is unfair and are trying to do their bit to achieve improvements in their lives and in the life of all women. They are abreast of the achievements of all those women who admire and can’t share any story whose protagonist is a policy, artist, scientist, Executive, etc. who has done something remarkable by social networks

2 Femipasota:

His level of commitment is null, because the truth is that the matter do not care the least. It is not to consider all of this equality is vagina, but it always going to be someone who fights you have to fight for them. Benefit from all the rights achieved, but they give the same importance given to have been born in a place where you open a faucet and water comes out. That is, any.

1 anti-feministas:

They are which believe that feminism does not do any good and that it only seeks confrontation with the men. They believe that things are OK as they are. Not have been so for centuries and centuries? Why should I change it? They are comfortable in the role that touched them to play in the history and do not expect anything more from its role as women. Examples such as the site Women Against Feminism show us that there are many more women than we think that they think that feminism is not necessary, that it hurts women and their interests.

Photos: CordonPress, Woman Against Feminism

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