The Sereismo Arrives at the Jewelry Store

The sereismo came to stay, each season it renews itself and shows that there is still a lot of enchanting world to take.

Following the mood of the character Desiree, played by stunning Isis Valverde, in the novel “the power of a wish to”, select below two pieces of brace Carla Buaiz.

About Carla Buaiz

The capixaba Carla Buaiz fell in love for handcrafted work still in College, and left advertising aside to devote himself to sculpture and jewellery courses. After two years producing handmade their own jewelry, specialized and founded the brand in 2009. With passages from the University of Arts of London, and also the École des Arts Joailliers Van Cleef & Arpels, traditional French jewellery school, Carla was already present in the main fairs around the world as the Fresh from Brazil, held in New York, the Oslo Fashion Week , in Norway, besides the participation in Art Rio. His style combines traditional techniques of classical jewellery with use of unconventional materials such as anklet leather and horns, merged the precious stones and gold, turning inspirations and style in unique and innovative jewelry.
In addition to the flagship on Praia do Canto, Vitória, Carla Buaiz jewelry can be found in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, in addition to e-commerce.