The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Presentation Poses for The Camera before

Samsung celebrates two events Unpacked every year, principles that announce the shift or Galaxy S flagship and the second towards the end of summer for series one Note. In the middle of these two dates marked in red on the calendar, Samsung leaves room for its range of tablets Tab S and the Galaxy Tab S3 they are the next in line.

And that would be a presentation without having leaks? So far the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 had not much sounded in the uncertain world of the rumors, but now that your presentation is coming We can already put a face thanks to a supposed image of filtered press.

Evan Blass has been, once again, the charge of disseminating this image that would be showing the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3’s 8 inch. We say it would be because there is no official confirmation on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, but knowing the history of this popular filter hits and seeing the design team’s image, there are many possibilities that we are before the first image of the S3 Tab.

Samsung is committed to a line of very similar design, which has hardly changed in the first two generations of this tablet, and the image points to that it will follow the same path. The main differences with previous models is that the wallpaper will play with those who were released the Samsung Galaxy S7 with S7 edge and that there is a next to the rear camera LED flash.

Renewal or repetition?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Is not the first time that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 8.0 gives talk. In early may he passed by Tena, exposing the its main technical characteristics.

Samsung bet on the same screen, a 8 inch super AMOLED with resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 pixels per inch. As for the processor, would be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652, but all indications are that it alongside a Variant processor Exynos, as already we have used in Samsung.

The RAM would be equal (3 GB) and would have the same pair of cameras: 8 megapixel camera on the back and 2 megapixel camera on the front. To repeat, I repeat even with 4,000 milliampere battery.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 8.0 do not have date of presentation, but normally they tend to become officers at the beginning of summer. What we do know is that like other years, come from the hand of a larger 9.7 pulgadas.* Panel model

With the information that we have, is not any notable changes in the Galaxy Tab 3 beyond that the version of Android will be the 6.0 series and the rear camera LED flash. Samsung should begin to consider more forceful renewals or extend its cycle of renewal to two years instead of just one.