The Rules of the Board Bags in Air Travel

Airline travel is always very nice. Now, even the most experienced in the subject are often surprised by rules and legislations in airports and airlines, especially in international travel.

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Did you know that in Mexico it is forbidden to enter any type of alcoholic beverage?

Leave the country with liters of tequila you can, but not a drop in if you want to run a serious risk of being confiscated by airport agents and even have problems with the police.

Already in flights to Colombia you can even carry a maximum of 5 liters of alcoholic beverage.

Generally those who travel from Brazil to Colombia also faces some luggage restrictions. This is because the aircraft has a weight limit to land at the Airport from there.

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In Argentina, good and cheap destination for Brazilians, you can Board quietly with up to 12 bottles of wine, for example. When I returned from the trip to Buenos Aires, brought a pack with 6 bottles of wine, and even bought two bottles in Ezeiza Duty Free, one of the best free shops to buy imported.

Brought all the bottles in hand. Or rather, in a box. I even settled (in good, when you bring baggage fragile or heavy don’t ask for help from the crew, it’s your responsibility).

When I bring drinks on the way back, like, whenever possible, to bring with me, but it is not always possible. In Argentina it’s a piece of cake!

However, the transport of alcoholic beverages really faces constraints. In Muslim countries, planes that fly over the airspace of the country cannot carry beverages.

For some of the best destinations, i.e., heavenly beaches, many remember to buy the repellent at the airport, there can not embark with the spray (spray aerosol bottle).

So, When you go to the beach and remember to buy mosquito repellent before and already put in the suitcase is ready.

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Another item that suffers many restrictions are the electronic devices, such as cell phones and laptops.

In London, England, and in Lima, Peru, you cannot carry more than one computer or cell phone with you. That is, you cannot take two phones or two laptops on the trip, as it may have problems with security. One of them should always be done. If the League!

The Australian airline Qantas, one of the most safest airlines in the world, allow boarding with the notebook on board. .

Already Switzerland does not allow regular transport companies take radioactive materials.

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That’s why a very important tip, especially if you have a foreign trip is to access the website of the airline that bought airline ticket and check the item “Baggage”.

The airline maintains the site a section with information about the rules that it has in relation to the luggage and bag attendant of passengers. Thus, it is possible to know what limit of bags that the company allows per passenger, specifications for size, weight, prohibited articles in the trunk of maple, etc.

Tips on packing time of trip

-Customize, identify, make your trunk only, use stickers, adhesives, tapes;

-don’t lose money. ever in your suitcase sharp objects like nail clippers, pliers, knives, scissors;

– avoid bottles of perfumes and shampoos great. The limit is 1 l per traveller, but always in a maximum of 100 ml;

– never transport a bag that’s not your;

-If you’re going to transport large object value to jewelry, see the airline. There are Forms of Declaration of the object value;

If you want to get on board with some of the items below please inform yourself in advance on the airlines to find out how they deal with this kind of baggage – bikes, windsurfing, sailing equipment, surfboards, shape of skateboarding, snowboarding, diving equipment, fishing and hunting, golf clubs, baseball and skiing.

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A fairly common question I hear from passengers is the procedure with the checked luggage on connecting flights.

There is no rule. Simple and confusing as well. It is always important to consult the airline.

Ask at check-in time, the ground crew – are the best airport airline to inform people. The flight attendants generally do not know, but as soon as the plane lands and the airport agent to receive the plane, he certainly know inform!

On international flights back to Brazil the rule is clear and certainly you will need to remove the luggage in the first Brazilian airport that the plane lands.

For example, a flight coming from Miami with final destination in Sao Paulo but stop in Manaus. In Manaus you will need to remove the luggage and go through the Irs in Manaus. In the Guarulhos airport tends to follow as the flight was domestic.

The Faa believes that camera, notebook and mobile phones are personal belongings can be taken smoothly as hand luggage.Found bags for them at

For those travelling with children, you can take a baby comfort, and this may be used provided it has a peck of Inmetro and, of course, have paid for the seat. Airlines charge for this seat.

The elderly and wheelchair users are entitled to carry their wheelchairs, a pair of crutches or guide dog.

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A matter that raises a lot of questions is also as Board with remedies in air travel. National flights no problem. Of course, it’s always nice to have a prescription if you are taking any medicine strong.

Already in international flights depends on the country where you’re traveling, so it is important to consult the laws and regulations in force in the country of destination or see the airline (well) before shipment.

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Caring for some items in the trunk of Maple

One important thing that many people don’t even care in time to travel is in relation to the dimensions of bags allowed on domestic flights.

Stay alert, because the tendency is to increase surveillance, even more during the 2014 World Cup and the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016.

National flights the traveler can take up to 20 kg of luggage in economy class. In smaller aircraft this rule can change. International flights the limit rises to 32 kg.

Cases of loss or damage to the luggage during the journey always look for the airline or the Faa or Procon.

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What I can’t take on the plane ride?

Be smart! Several objects cannot be transported, including the baggage to be checked, as flammable liquids and solids (includes lighters), organic peroxides, compressed gases, magnetic materials, firearms, poisonous products, among others.

In case of any questions when you’re traveling by air, see and let the airline. It’s for your safety and the other passengers.

Some guides can help you. To access the passenger Guide Anac, Anac Resolution on baggage or the passenger Guide Infraero for even more detailed information regarding baggage in air travel.

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