The Right Lingerie to Each Client’s Body

Currently, the lingerie market offers the most diverse sizes, formats and materials to please more and more consumers. Anyone who wants to stand out, increase sales and expand their business must learn not only how to sell lingerie, but also how each model fits the body of each woman.

In this way, you help your client to value their own curves, disguise small imperfections and ensure an ideal look,  retaining their audience. With that in mind, we brought 4 tips to identify the right lingerie for each body shape and size. Check it!

1. Parts For The Hourglass Format, The Famous Guitar Body

Women with the hourglass body or eight are the easiest to find options to use. That’s because their proportions are balanced, with shoulders and hips almost the same size and waist more defined.

However, maintaining curvaceous forms without increasing the hip or bust in excess may be a problem for the female “guitar”. It is at this moment that you enter not only offering products, but also the orientation so that your customer knows how to make the best choice.

Some simple tips that you should always have at the tip of the tongue are: avoid very thin panties and with many details on the sides. It is best to bet on panties with wider sides, preventing the hips from jutting out. Filling or push-up bras  can also increase breast volume, which many women prefer to avoid. The half-cup model is a great choice. Prints and flat parts are also released.

2. Panties That Help Disguise Unwanted Fat From The Oval Body

Many women, when they go shopping, end up coming home with nothing on their hands because they do not find pieces that are ideal for their body, especially when they have greater volume in the waist, hips and belly. And this is because many stores, especially those that sell lingerie, do not work with the diversity of formats, like the oval.

It is a mistake to invest only in products that value the slimmer profile and forget that many potential customers may be looking for more comfortable options or disguising greasiness, especially in the abdomen.

So invest in panties models with the wider sides and the higher waistband, such as  hot pants. This option, super high in the market, avoids those marks on the body caused by the tight elastic and still leaves the belt thinned, being especially indicated for the oval body.

3. Wide Breasts And Bulky Breasts: How To Sell Lingerie To The Inverted Triangle Shape

One of the big concerns for those who have the inverted triangle format, when it comes to dressing, is with the bra. While some want to disguise the bulging breasts, others can not choose a model that does not cause discomfort. Having a solution for these women is critical to your business.

Those with large breasts, for example, need a bra of the right size, with larger straps and a reinforced chest strap to provide support, not to squeeze or flatten them, as well as avoid spine problems.

Guiding your clients about the wrongs of the wrong choice of lingerie is key to showing authority on the subject and being careful about your well-being.

4. Lingeries That Give Volume To The Rectangular Body

Another quite recurring profile is that of women with a rectangular body, with few curves, small breasts and hips and little defined waist.

For this profile, the opposite of women with hourglass body: increase the volume to create curves. The bras can have filler or push up, preferably lace or embossed. It is also allowed the use of panties rich in details, such as lace, bows, straps and ruffles, which cause an impression of increased hips.

With our tips on how to sell lingerie for each body type, it will be easier for you to invest in enhancing your knowledge and techniques to increase sales!

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