The Reversible Swimsuit

Buying a reversible swimsuit is a bit like offering two different swimsuits!This could help to fix your finances without hindering your creativity, if the budgetary restriction is to be put during the holidays: the reversible jersey is the anti-crisis jersey par excellence.

Two jerseys for the price of one

In these times of economic crisis, we are all looking for discounts, promotional codes and other special offers when filling our baskets, whether virtual or real.Swimwear designers have understood this and are adapting to the needs of consumers by reversibly reversible fabrics for maximum fancy without spending too much.

Practical, the reversible jersey also saves space in the suitcase (and therefore a weight saving, not negligible for those who leave by plane).This will also avoid the excess of unnecessary baggage: on holiday, it is well known, never put all the clothes that are carried away.

A reversible swimsuit for the whole family

Formerly reserved for children for their playful side, reversible swimwear is now available for the whole family.Whatever your budget and your quality requirements, you will find your happiness in a few clicks since even the luxury brands set themselves.

At the beach, men can play the humor card on Monday, or discretion on Tuesday thanks to a reversible boardshort printed bananas, and plain black on the other side.The women will be able to vary the pleasures by wearing a polka dot bikini one day, then stripes another day … without changing the jersey!

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