The Reason that I Prefer Disposable Contact Lenses

As you know, I’m a card-carrying myopic! Okay that my degree is not so absurd, but it’s been the biggest difference wear glasses–or, in specific occasions, disposable contact lenses! And it is about them that I came to speak in today’s post. Why, after all, I prefer these in relation to the other?

Why Disposable Contact Lenses?

I’ve used other types of lens, the kind you need to maintain hydration in specific product within the plastic packaging. But it ended up that I always forgot to take the blessed Cup or the solution for places that would (travel, overnight stays away from home). Moreover, wear contacts infrequently and had a nasty habit of spoiling those semi-permanent, hahahaha!

When I decided to try the disposable contact lenses, I fell in love with in the Act—so much so that I can’t tell how many boxes I bought in this life! Maybe financially they are not the best option, but still bring me a peace of mind, hahahaha! I’m not–maybe even literally speaking-all full of fingers to apply outside that do not require any care: just throw away after spending the day or the night with them.

I’ve done a zillion things using these lenses: I walked into the sea and swimming pool (without fear of losing some, as has happened before in the case of semi-permanent), I went to an appointment, I did gymnastics, dance, bodybuilding …Anyway, they are very handy for when I’m not in the mood to wear glasses or when he simply don’t marry the situation!

Remember that I’m short-sighted in a 1.75 and 2 degrees in the other eye. In this case, the eye doctor recommended me to buy the smaller gradient lenses, so they are 1.75-I confess that pro has 2 degrees eye doesn’t make much difference.But, if the case is a very big difference, really not worth investing in disposable contact lenses, unless top pay for two boxes.

Even a trip to the mall a few days ago, I got a pretty good promotion on opticsviewpoint (I think it’s only in Curitiba and region): paid two boxes and took the third. The regular price of the box with 15 pairs of lenses Acuvue 1-Day TrueEye, which are the ones I like, is R $129 there. Namely, that suck up paid R $86 per box, which was pretty cool.