The Popclock

Welcome to the PopClock Blog!

PopClock is a brand of watches whose concept was created to make fun the old tradition of wall clocks.The idea was to maintain the identity of the old mechanical watches, but with a sense of humor and modernity in the arts that illustrate them.

In addition, a great differential of PopClock is how your blades are made (the material printed with the background image).Unlike the conventional blades that are glued to the watches, the blades of the PopClock watches are easily removed and replaced.Because they have a rigid appearance, they are docked, not glued to the watch.Thus, it is possible to have multiple blades and use them on the same clock, without the need to buy a new one.Did you get sick of the bottom or just want to change it?Just change it in a very simple way!

We try to develop themes for the watches so that people can identify them with their style.We have theme for gamers, for those who like a beer or a happy hour, for children, religious clocks, etc.We are always creating new themes.If you can not find one that fits your style, send us a suggestion through the contact link and know more from MONTCHANINSTORES.

Any questions, please contact us.We will be happy to assist you and clarify all your doubts.