The Personality on the Living Room Wall

The ideal is to join all you like and read a little just to learn how to harmonize it.

Although there are several trends in decorating, think what prevails today is the personality. And as there are people in every way in the world, the same happens in time to decorate our corner. The ideal is to join all you like and read a little just to learn how to harmonize it. This lenga lenga is to talk about the wall of my room. I have seen many different compositions and in almost a year was joining content until you have enough to put into practice in OAKDALEBLOG and leave her like this:

The first step is to measure the space you have available to make your composition. Done this, take into account the height of your sofa (objects must be at least 40 cm of height of the sofa). Another important thing is that everything is within a field of view of the people (the main point should be the 1.60 m). So no one has to climb a ladder to see, or be a midget to be able to see everything.

With these details in hand, start it up you want to put on the wall. Anything goes that you think it’s cool (less people alive and the like, of course). Of course you need a base color to not turn into a cat carrier, but as we tend to tip the taste in certain color, can she ever take part than you planned. To facilitate, I put everything I had on the floor close to a wall. There was the same instinct. It’s always good to observe the spaces between one frame and another to that everything is uniform. Stir, poke, get here and put it there until you reach the composition that you want.

Once this is done, it’s just from to. For frames that have no stems to hang, you can buy in any store of a construction kit that facilitates well. You hold everything behind the picture and he’s ready to go to the wall. For reasons of “hit nail”, I chose to fix all using screw and bushing. A cool tip is, after putting the scouring pad, hit her with the screw head. She’s going to get more into the hole and this makes it easier if you ever want to remove the frame. In this case, it’s just a little spackle and the wall is new again (who renting knows the importance of it).

From then on no longer secret, just go in the order that you placed to fill the entire wall and you all proud looking at it once ready.

On my wall has a bit of everything. So to you is, did a photo with caption of everything that’s there. A damn mix, but you can do it on your House too:

To assemble you will spend a lot of time, not running, but gathering references, trust me. I say that because it’s kind of impossible in a way out you find everything in a store and ready. The end result is much nicer when you mix what you enjoy. Can be paintings, sculptures, photos and everything that comes into your mind.

This wall is well relaxed, but if you like something more traditional, we can use the idea with most classic frames, using only pictures, and even doing something more aligned. The important thing is to let your personality registered in it. So everyone knows what look you like and just getting to know you even more.

With this project, I finished the room (for now). Soon do a post to show it all here. For you have an idea, a year ago I started decorating this room. So calm in time of move in your corner also, what matters is the end result. We’re working this anxiety ok?

The more comments down there and spread the idea to whoever you want.