The Perfect Suit for a Wedding

Good advice on the choice of the wedding suit is sparse-with good reason: there are almost no more factors with a claim to universality than other rules for this particular day. Individualism is the magic word, whether it is the planning of the celebration, the honeymoon, the arrangement of the flowers or the purchase of the wardrobe.

The claim to durability in the wardrobe also takes into account the circumstance that a wedding suit is not particularly often used in occasional use on certain occasions. The only basic rule therefore can be the following: harmony in the overall picture of the wedding company.

Wedding Dress And Wedding Dress-A Style, A Pair

Bad impressions definitely lend unequal style to the wardrobe and make up the bridal couple. This is not just the fashion style, but also the price class of the garments, which is not only visible to the trained eye. Before the search for the outfit one must find the common denominator with the style. And this, of course, is to be applied consistently to the other conditions at the celebration, especially when it comes to weddings with extravagant frames. For example, there are so-called motorbike weddings or a celebration of particularly idyllic places, in an imposing property or even a celebration abroad with other cultural aspects.

Second Step: Research Borders

A stress-free course of the search for the right should take place rather with pleasure rather than under time pressure. Today an advance search via internet is almost a must. Clearly, the preferences will be formed, which were previously defined by the style prescription rather unclear. The mere consideration of models or images, however, can easily lead astray: How the preferred garment works on one itself, is still an unknown factor here.

Experts from the area of the wedding decorators always make the experience, as preferred suits or even with the ladies the dream dresses in themselves affect themselves, than these have presented themselves. And whether one is the feel-good factor with the good piece justice, can be found anyway online hardly. One can and should thus quietly with a Probelauf into a local close Laden, where at least the “basic data” are adjusted. For example, the choice between tuxedo and cut can be made much easier with the return to timeless, elegant classics.

Man (n) therefore goes on a small tour through the world of offers in the suit of the man for the wedding and should already be aware of smaller and larger “no-gos”, advantages and disadvantages, which nevertheless always in relation To the highly personal conceptions.Sometimes the compromise is the ideal.

Trying On-How Do I Prepare?

If you bring a light shirt, you get better impressions when trying.Some shopkeepers have their own parts on site and are prepared for such additional detailed questions. The definite length of the trouser leg is only adapted after the selection on the concrete piece. For this purpose it is necessary that the shoes-if already available-be brought to the fitting. If the trouser leg has a small bend on the shoe, it has the right length. At the back, the upper edge of the heel should be reached. But you always have to control front and rear, so you need a trained eye.

If you do not have the shoes yet and you are unsure whether a different shoe serves as a good benchmark, you should leave this point open and make a change only in the long term. In all cases, the length of the sleeves must first be adapted. If the dress of the bride already exists or is selected, a photo and a sample of the fabric should be brought along. So the consultant is already leaving some articles.

Many Possibilities, Many Terms

For Streseman, Cut and Smoking the basic equipment consists of pants and jacket. Shirt, tie and vest are often combined. The tailcoat, with the two “swallow tails”, is a popular and traditional feature, which is worn with a cylinder, cape and shoes made of lacquer. There is hardly any prescription through the current fashion – with this equipment, the description of timelessness rightly follows. Also popular is the so-called Spencer, the short jacket with mostly shiny fabric. The trend in the use of tailcoats and tuxedos, however, is more likely to be in the direction of wear in balls or similar, while the wedding companies are more focused on trendy suits.

The Typical Colors

Black leads naturally at the top, whereby currently more and more manifestations of blue are preferred. Anthracite is always among the top riders. Brawns like mocha are also in the color palette 2014.

For tailor-made suits, a measurement of the body is preceded by perfection. However, whether there really is a difference to adapted goods from the trade is rather to be negated. Unless one already had the experience that certain dimensions are outside the norm.The arm and leg length must be adapted anyway.

The length of the upper part is as follows: The larger the man, the longer the jacket may be to create a harmonious overall picture.Gehröcke and Cuts at rather small-scale persons “push” in optical terms. You should wear short jackets – body-waisted and waisted.The following applies: The wider the shoulders, the more tailor-made the cut. Who is rather strong and not very large, should choose black and a straight cut. With the west, some tufts can be well lined. Between the body and the closed jacket a maximum of one fist should fit, so that one can speak of a perfect fit.

The Schultertest

If the jacket does not really fit, it is best to see from the back: it folds when the hands hang down, under the shoulders, then it is too big. A shirt should be worn to try it out.

When using fabrics such as velvet or brocade, it should be noted that these “apply”-the use should be reserved for as slim persons as possible. Who takes too many people to the selection, brings at the same time also many opinions. A small choice should also be made here: Those people who are best acquainted with one another and who are honest are given the most appropriate advice in the search. Too much of the good is more confusion. Last but not least, several favorites have crystallized out. However, you should still sleep a few times.

Fashion 2014-Are There Prescriptions By Fashion?

The answer is a “clear jin” – basically it is timeless elegance, which is reflected in the wedding suit, even in the men’s suit itself. The definition of time is, however, in detail. These are found approximately in the length of the upper part or its finer forms, but these are visible modifications which the fashion world also claims here. In doing so, the different yet trendy fabrics are not to mention the classic.

Obviously, a wedding suit also makes a completely untimely impression in the timeless style of the 80s. The current version will include the short cut. Not everyone is specialized in recognizing and evaluating details-so a buyer who orders the suit “tailor-made” by communicating the proportions in Asia has to expect completely different effects than he would acquire here.

The Matching Shirt

If you are looking for a professional search without consulting, you should also be inspired by yourself. While, of course, individualistic accents set, the traditional seller is out of place. As a good tip of the specialist for the typical wedding suit is in the selection of the shirt with a gala shirt with hidden button strip and envelope cuff. More helpful tips, to choose the right shirt you will find in my contributions: The perfect shirt for every occasion, what do you have to look out for? The perfect shirt for anyone and Hawes & Curtis-Original English shirts

Saving Tip

Cuff buttons and shirt can be purchased elsewhere. Anyone who is safe with no technical guidance can save on this point without affecting the overall picture. However, do not take risks – you can no longer make shortfalls at this point.

Accessories For Wedding Dresses

The cuff buttons are visible at the latest when the jacket is pulled out-in any case during the celebration. Stylistically, there should be no deviations from the jewelry or other jewelery.

A handkerchief made of the outer fabric is a popular accessory for men like plastron and vest. Here one can calmly draw from the abundance of the offer and is not bound to the offer of the trader of the suit. It is only a matter of realizing a true self-image. In practice, however, hardly any consultant will keep his opinion to himself if the articles are submitted for security. Only to this end they must be acquired first. A match in color with the wedding dress sets visually very good effects and the groom is as such also for outsiders immediately recognizable.