The Perfect Combo: Watch and Bracelets

With the arrival of the new Malmo Lynx Watch and other watch models, we are more than inspiredhere at Men’s and we want and make the most of this accessory that is a symbol of luxury and sophistication within men’s fashion but which is still underestimated by some.

Combining accessories may not always be the easiest thing to do, we’ve come up with some inspirations on how to combine the timeless male enhancement with the newest darlings of our style, the bracelets, and easy-to-follow combo tips for style and personality on a daily basis according to FASHIONRULING. In terms of styles of bracelets and visuals, we give tips on how to marry bracelet to watch without worry:

How To Use

Some may be a little wary of the details when putting the combo watch+bracelet into practice, but there are only a few considerations you need to make. First, try not to overdo the number of accessories to keep your wrists too tight. You want them to complement the look but without drawingany attention to them. Therefore, avoid using more than three bracelets, and prefer sets or similar bracelets, which are more discreet. Use up to two different wristbands and if the case is a bracelet with several laps or a large pendant, you can be sure that it already gives the message.
Also, try to balance the look by leaving the other wrist with nothing or with a bracelet, or ring only.Stuffing on accessories might look cool to Jhonny Depp, but no one really understands how he does it.

Modern Combo

Although a classic rounded watch with metal or leather strap can look very modern combined to the more rustic bracelets, for a technological and cool look, modern design watches are the way. Withmetallized details or integers , and with colors that flee from neutral and grayscale, large numbers on the display, they have a current footprint perfect for those who enjoy an urban air, and look great with metallic details bracelets as well.


Knowing how to combine colors and textures is important when it comes to watch joints and a bracelet. A more discreet and classic look is easier to achieve if the colors of the watches are close to the colors of the bracelets: such as when combining acoffee-colored watch strap with stone bracelets inearthy tones. If your intention is to exude style and personality, the blend is more than liberated and can be both laid back and elegant at the same time.Putting on a classic watch model with leather bracelets and a suit falls down nicely, as well as mixing steel and metal displays with colorful cloth bracelets. The secret is to try to balance with thecolors on the clothes, like wearing gray suits or plain dark blue, and not plaid or different color if the intention is to send well in the accessories.

Stone Bracelets

An unlikely combination in the minds of many, but that gives super right, is to put clock and bracelet ofstones side by side. This combo has been appearing in many sources of men’s fashion content and is used by many guys who do well in style out there.Even with suits and social clothes, the combination is very different and relaxed. To give a sophisticated touch, you may prefer dark stones and clock-like tones, or stones of more striking colors, or even with wooden links to leave off.

Some Ideas

To make it even easier, we set up somecombinations of watch and bracelet for you to start to build your own and, who knows, already find one that pleases you completely!